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One of those days June 30, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Life, Chatter & Politics.
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Some days it is advisable not to leave your bed. To roll over when the alarm goes and bury your head in the pillow. To deny that the day even exists.

You can tell it is one of those days from the groggy dullness that descends as you try to clamber upright. From the fact that nothing in your wardrobe looks any good, and that your hair simply won’t do what it’s told. From that fact that you can somehow mange to hit yourself in the eye with your toothbrush, when it has toothpaste on it. Ouch

Today was one of those days.

First off, it was like watching Dawn of the Dead as I zombied (yes, it is now a verb…) across the room. Language was miles beyond my grasp, and I couldn’t open my sleepy eyes for a good ten minutes, and only then one eye at a time!

I should have gone back to bed.

But I didn’t, I soldiered on. And promptly left the house not realising that my dress was split up the back. I dread to think how many school children I mentally scarred as I wandered hazily up the road! So… back home it was. Where I sewed it up… walked out… and heard it split again.

Third time lucky, I grabbed anything out of the cupboard that would match the shoes I already had on. Meaning that am now wearing my pretty but not finished summer dress, with arms removed and only haphazardly sewn up. I am just hoping noone notices!

Take my advice, my dears – if you feel a day like this brewing, it may be best to just go back to sleep!

ps. I was late to work, by the way!

pps. I have now laddered my tights!

ppps. Did a quick google search and these “bad day” stories did make me feel a little better!


1. Diana - June 30, 2009

I know the feeling. For most of the morning yesterday, I felt like I should have stayed in bed.

2. Nikki - June 30, 2009

Oh, I hate those days! Mine usually involve me spilling hot tea over a white shirt.

3. ElementalGrace - July 1, 2009

They’re almost always funny when you can look back at them but never at the time. I generally consider days like that to be comic inspiration for my writer friends. I dedicate my entire life to unspeakably embarassing events – it’s for the greater good and someone’s got to.

4. Helen Cox - July 2, 2009

Oh no! I’ve had so many of those days myself. A wardrobe full of clothes with nothing to wear, hair that won’t do anything and yes laddered tights. I’ve almost given up wearing them haha.

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