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Our right to clothes! The compliment challenge! July 6, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Inspiration.
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I got to thinking today, amongst the thunderstorms and the losing of my card and the smell of rain fresh on the air, about a women’s right to clothes.

We, where I live, are lucky. We can wear trousers, shorts, jeans, skirts, culottes, dungarees, dresses and more. Our sex, more than the typical male clothing line, have choice and choice galore. I was thinking about the fact that amongst this cacophony of outfits and styles and colours and fabrics and personalities, we as fashion and clothes lovers have a free and unbound right to clothes. And shoes. Of course.

i lvoe you teddy bear

After all, the right to wear whatever we want is quite brilliant, and not a global phenomena. Whilst in some countries hiding and wrapping and denying is actually the law, we here find ourselves able to choose what we wear and where we wear it. And whilst sometimes we are limited- told not to wear certain skirt lengths to work, or to keep the colours somber (a debate for a whole other night) – this is temporary and possible to “disobey”.

I cannot get over the brilliance of this. It makes me gush with enthusiasm, and makes me feel very very lucky. You may have noticed the gushing in this post!

For this reason alone, I think we, as girls and fashion lovers, should have a challenge. Because so many people use clothes and fashion to express themselves, to boost self-confidence and to make themselves feel happy in the skin they are in. The challenge, therefore, is nothing to do with dressing yourself, or sorting through your (no doubt overflowing) wardrobe.

The challenge is to make someone else feel nice. Take it upon yourself, as a free liberated dresser, to make someone happy and to see them smile. Simply make the effort to compliment someone. To wax lyrical about the brilliance of their shoes. To adore the colour of their skirt, or to envy the lines of their dress.

Simply put, we have the right to wear what we want. And we should love what others around us wear to!

Join the mission girls – divide, compliment, and conquer!



1. ElementalGrace - July 6, 2009

What an awesome post! I often do this to other people, because I love it when they do it to me 🙂 What goes around, comes around and all that.

2. nectarfizz - July 16, 2009

i love your love of fashion. My love of blue jeans knows no boundaries. Everyone should be allowed to veg in jeans. Power to the people!

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