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Who am I? July 15, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Life, Chatter & Politics.
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Aside from eBay, I’m not really feeling a fashion vibe this week. I am, instead, feeling a normal blogging/chatting/jibbering vibe, which is inspiring me to leave off the fashion chat and make with the general blogging. Hope that is OK!

Anyway, this post is stolen from an idea on Long Red Cape, which she in turn nicked from someone else. An impromptu meme, I love it when that happens!

picnic lauren cooke

(Photo by the lovely Cie)

I am the type of woman who has the weirdest, strangest dreams, who adores pink fizz but isn’t actually all that good with alcohol, who will send a friend a present if they are feeling down.

I am the girl that will wear delicate floaty dresses during the evening, but want to climb a tree at the weekend. I’m the girl who will walk home barefoot because her feet hurt in heels, but will spend £60 on a pair of ultra-high platforms just becauseshe loves them. Who will wear blue flares just to make the Conservative neighbours STARE.

I am a girl who will act like she’s distant because when I am this far from everyone it is easier, who thinks that no-one really cares about her, who falls asleep in the sun but always hides from the rain. A girl who will always be there for a phone call in the middle of the night, to bake a cake when your birthday comes around.

I am the woman that gets unbelievably hyper playing card games, and who always (without fail) loses at monopoly. The type of girl who will play guitar hero until she gets cramp, and get addicted to little games on facebook without warning.

I am the woman who walks into walls, falls over obstacles, and always hits her head. The girl who doesn’t understand people who are graceful, and wishes that people would stop being stupid and just BE NICE. The type of girl who will sob at a book, and proceed to tell you the whole story in the hope you find it sad too. The woman who cries at Forrest Gump, every time.

I am the girl who doesn’t understand missionaries, who believe people think what they want. Who wishes religious establishments would just GET OVER THEMSELVES and make friends. Who once invented her own religion, and who dreams of times past and times yet to come. I am the type of girl people sometimes forget.



1. najeema - July 15, 2009

I love the idea for this post- you might see a version on my blog soon! I totally feel you on the comments about religion. And making the neighbors stare 🙂

2. ElementalGrace - July 15, 2009

I love it when people have the courage to post stuff like this about themselves. Beautiful 🙂 I once wrote my own desiderata. Maybe I’ll dig it out and post it as a homage to this post!

I am so with you on the climbing trees, flares (I wonder if Cie remembers what I once said about my ex-villagers and a pair of flares? Must remember to ask her) cakes, stupid people and religions.

… and to share, before I sign off: I am NOT the sort of woman who polishes her doorbell or scrubs the front step. Life’s too damned short 🙂

3. nectarfizz - July 16, 2009

I love this type of girl. :::hugs:::

4. nectarfizz - July 16, 2009

Ps. I will never forget. Please email me..I am moving to England and want to hug you in person one day.

5. Esz - July 16, 2009

aww that is a really sweet post. I can totally relate to pretty much all those things :-))

6. mysterycreature1 - July 16, 2009

Becki I can’t wait until you are here, will be great to actually meet you! Thanks for all the sweet comments (and my god there are tons!), you really made me feel happy 🙂

When do you arrive again?

Najeema – it is such a good idea for a post isn’t it – definitiely an accidental meme going on here!

Sarah – must meet you too at some point btw… I have an idea in my head for something you may be interested in atm, so expect an email soon! Anyways, I quite like posting self-effacing/honest posts – kind of like therapy!

7. Caroline - July 16, 2009

I never forget you chica – you’re always (somewhere) on my mind! 😀

8. UK Fiancee - July 16, 2009

I also love this type of girl

9. andhari - July 16, 2009

“I am the girl that will wear delicate floaty dresses during the evening, but want to climb a tree at the weekend.”

That’s totally me too *clink* I also can be a very social person and at another time really distant and sensitive.

10. Chelsea Talks Smack - July 16, 2009

Oh my gosh- I adore you. Just found your blog and couldn’t agree with everything you said more. CHEERS.

11. Dionne C - July 17, 2009

Hahahaha, i get hyper over card games too!! And cry in FG every time also!

12. gilda - July 18, 2009

aww, i think we all feel a little distant sometimes. i know i do. hugs!

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