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Sew Make Believe, Parties and More! July 18, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Crafting, Life, Chatter & Politics, What I Wore.
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This week has been a busy one, and a great one. I have made new friends and had new experiences, and couldn’t ask for anything more!

Thursday night was spent at Sew Make Believe, a brand new local book, craft and social group established by Cie and Kate. The idea was for us to meet other like minded individuals and make new friends, all whilst sharing inspiration and crafty goodness! I had a fabulous time, chatting about all sorts of things and generally introducing ourselves. Only four of us this time, but hopefully this number will expand a bit as we grow. I have been in Leamington for a year now, but can honestly say that it is only in the past week that I have made any real friends, who I will hopefully see regularly. It is often overlooked, the difficulty of making friends in a new town, and alongside the shared interests I think all of us at the group were glad to have new friends that we could call our own.

I have come from the meeting inspired into creating a quilting project in the future – which I will of course keep you all up to date with. The idea is that these biweeky meetings will mean I have to do the crafty work – keeping me motivated, always a big problem of mine as a lazy bones amateur! I also have a little idea alongside a quilt, but these are secret!

sew make believe

Friday night was spent at Birmingham university for a black tie event celebrating the students graduation. Ben get’s invited for his work with the university on recruitment and skills sessions, meaning that we must be the youngest invitees who aren’t there because of their degree results! Last year was a little boring and no-one spoke to me (as a useless gal straight out of uni!), but this year the table was delightful and entertaining and interesting. We were sat with some lovely people and I believe a great time was had by all.

I did have a little emergency re: the dress, however! As a clothes addict, I was surprised to find I don’t actually have a black tie dress. I only clicked this on Tuesday, meaning I had to find something by Friday! Thank god for my lifesaver of a boss, who bought me a selection of her fabulous dresses to try. In the end I wore a simple but sexy log black dress – sorry that the photo below is such crap quality!

black coast evening dress

Today (just to finish updating you all) I ended up buying a little rat who was all alone and unloved in the pet store. I know, I know, that makes it four rats! The introduction has been hard as Storm is having a few dominance issues, but as we speak they are all quietly getting on in the cage! We shall wait and see, however, as their will no doubt be much fighting and shrieking during the night! It is like having a baby (though slightly less difficult, lol). The little rat is called Hermione – not after Emma Watson from Harry Potter, but because she was today diagnosed as a potential hermaphrodite! Interesting eh? The vet was pretty convinced she was female, but said she was probably a bit of both, although she has no male apparatus inside her! Eventful eh?


1. ellaella - July 19, 2009

Love the dress! Classic, elegant and looks fabulous on you.

Hope you’re having a marvelous summer!

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