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Investment piece July 21, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion.
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After my crisis with black tie dresses last week, I have been thinking about my extensive wardrobe. It is jam-packed with dresses and skirts, trousers and shorts. It’s even more jam-packed with shoes, much to Ben’s annoyance! But amongst all these clothes, I do not have one dress suitable for a black tie do.

I have a sequined dress that hangs oddly on my calfs – an eBay buy that would be spectacular if only I was shorter! I have an eighties party dress that would be great on the right kind of night, but not for a posh classy do. I have my flapper dress, gorgeous but unfortunately above the knee! I have plenty of beauties perfect for parties, weddings, posh dinners out…. yet no black tie dresses.

Somewhere in my clothes buying frenzy, I managed not to buy an investment piece!

So this got me thinking… that in my next paycheck (and I am skint, so it has to be then!), I ought to invest in a timeless classic, just for those emergency situations where one is required! And in my usual fashion, a quick online search has revealed the very best long black dresses on the market!

Coast Audience Maxi Dress Graduation Dress

Coast is always the first port of call for stunning dresses – this beautiful fish tail dress perfect for graduation or black-tie alike. My local Coast has a similar version in the sale, with cream around the top… lovely!Monsoon countess maxi dress graduation dress

The second option isn’t strictly black… but at dark grey I feel it should be allowed. I can’t fully make up my mind about this grecian waterfall dress… at first it made me wow, but now I feel it is almost (dare I say it) a little outdated!

Luxury black prom dress

The third is a little less mature, and at first I almost thought is wasn’t as nice. A second glance, however, this hand-measured dress came into it’s own. I love the detailing on the top, and the really long black skirt. Beautiful!

Anoushka G Rosanna Chiffon Graduation dress

My fourth option is from that most dangerous of shops, House of Fraser. It is unusual with the asymmetric one-shoulder look, combined with that sexy chiffon flowing bit! Sophisticated and classic, I can’t see this simple look ever going out of fashion!

So – which should I get?!



1. where can I get a super cheap prom dress? - July 22, 2009

[…] Inv&#101s&#116m&#101n&#116 pi&#101c&#101 « A Typica&#108 A&#116ypica&#108 […]

2. Kate - July 22, 2009

My pick? Option 1 or 2, although I agree that the ruffle look is something which might look dated in the future. You have the figure for fishtail and I think it is stately, sexy, sophisticated and stylish!

3. mysterycreature1 - July 29, 2009

mm, I like 1 as well Kate. Odly like number 3 as well 🙂

4. maira m - May 27, 2010

i liked it why not its pretty i think so ?

5. maggie - May 27, 2010

its cute =)…….lol

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