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Inspirations July 22, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Blogs, Fashion, Inspiration.
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I sometimes (read: often) lack inspiration. I will wake up one morning and feel blue, feel like I can’t remember my reasons for all the wonderful things I wanted to do. I will forget how to sing and skip. The rain won’t fascinate me, the sun won’t enchant me. I will come home from work and plonk myself down on the sofa, too knackered to complete any of the little tasks I hope and plan to do.

On a normal day plenty of things will inspire me. People around me will have ideas and hopes, plans and suggestions, and I will draw inspiration from them to my hearts content. I will write sparkling blog posts, I will search avidly for freelance, I will plan my projects.

On days like this one, however, I find myself wishing that I had a single guaranteed source of inspiration. A font of endless knowledge and justa little touch of wit! Usually I retreat to reading my favourite blogs and slouching in from of the TV – but I know that there are plenty better ways to explore my world and seek out inspiration. Such as leaving the house and walking, which I like doing in theory but rarely in practise!

light bulb

Some of my favourite sources of inspiration are these blogs (alongside books, and cakes, and pets, and rain, and smells etc…) – have a read yourself and you will probably understand why!

  1. The lovely Tania Kindersley. I own this eloquent and wonderful girls book, and currently am nursing a gentle but healthy dose of “I want to be like you”. She is forthright and opinionated and isn’t afraid to admit to getting things wrong.
  2. Sally at Already Pretty, a lovely blog that sets out to remind its loyal followers that they are pretty and smart and fabulous. And, very often, it succeeds!
  3. How often does the Freelancer’s Fashionblog get added to a list like this? It is most likely because she is talented and stunning, leading a life many of us would love (but probably couldn’t handle!).
  4. Small Notebook is my current favourite for snippets of inspiration. Money saving projects, interiors – just a beautiful blog full of beautiful things. It isn’t specifically craft, or anything like that, it inhabits a neat little sector of “something” you can’t quite put your finger on.
  5. Finally, I am currently loving Nubby Twiglet more thank I have before. Partly because she has somehow made me want to be a typographer, party because she always inspires me to wish for another pair of shoes, and partly because I want her hair! And plenty of other reasons in between!

Tomorrow I will tidy in preparation for the parents visit, I will bake cakes, and I will plan my trip to the haberdashery this weekend! Woop!



1. Chelsea Talks Smack - July 23, 2009

GOD, I have had and HAVE these feelings SO. SO. much

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