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A little bit camp July 26, 2009

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Sorry, but you all know how much I love terrible and completely unrelated puns!

This weekend has been absolutely lovely. I saw the flat of my dreams, all high ceilings, stunning windows, wonky floors and lots of work. Now we just have to work out if a) we can afford it and b) can afford it with the no doubt sky high ground rent thrown in. Scary times! I think shoe money shall have to be curbed completely for a number of months to allow for bigger spending on much more important things. The time has come for me to spend little, live lots!

All in all the weekend was fabulous, one f those generally lovely periods of time flooded with hot sunshine, beautiful views and fabulous people. My parents came to visit, and we explored all the local charity shops, ate dinner by the campsite, and came away with a bounty at the car boot sale. I couldn’t ask for more!

I have also discovered the advantage of getting up early, as our 8.30am start for the boot fair has resulted in a homemaking and productive Lauren. I have sewn little projects for Sew Make Believe (pictures to be posted once actually finished!), baked beautiful vanilla cakes form the Hummingbird Bakery book, with the extra addition of exotic white currents (pictures to be posted once actually cooked). I have played with the rats, done all the washing, and learnt how to iron.

Yes, OK, I have never known how to iron until now. I have never used one before – we are great believers in the pull flat whilst drying technique in my family! For my sewing projects, however, I needed to iron the fabric flat to avoid them looking idiotic! How a girl gets to my age without knowing how do do this (if not all the time at least in ironing emergencies!) I do not know!

So one thoroughly productive and enjoyable weekend out of the way, I though I would share with you some of the images from all my little trips!

camping sunset

camping landscape

It was so lovely at the campsite – and I am really proud of the second photo and the whole poncy perspectivething I did! We sat around, ate and drank, and finished of with some Krispy Kreme doughnuts that really finished it off beautifully!

fabulous sunset through clouds

We even got a fabulous sunset to finish it off with!

Royal Tudor Ware fifties

Finally, I was so chuffed with the boot fair loot. Even better, everyone was chatty, friendly, and happy to sell things on the cheap –  and barter. I had intelligent book natter with many a stall holder,a nd came away feeling buoyant and chuffed. My personal finds were a few books, the lovely pottery above (£1 for the lot!), and a couple of presents for Cie! Not bad! The car boot sales around Leamington are some of the best I have ever been to, I never fail to find brilliant stuff!


1. ElementalGrace - July 26, 2009

Oh what a lovely sounding weekend!

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