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A Stitch in Time July 29, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Crafting.
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I am impressed with the variety that has been filling up my life recently. Baking, friendship, crafting… I love the fact I am not just sat in front of my TV every night. Whilst not everything is going right house-wise etc, I am conscious of the fact that life could be one hell of a lot worse. Even my blog has reflected all this variation, featuring fashion posts alongside plenty of other stuff. I love it!

I am also excited because I am planning on setting up a weekly feature called “So what’s new”, where I hope to bring some new and exciting designers to you, with interviews and hopefully offers and the suchlike! It should be very fun!

So this week I decided to make little gifts for the girls at Sew Make Believe, in the from of needle books. Everyone had said they needed them, so I look my frustratingly blunt scissors to some felt and my novice needle to some thread to piece together these little ones. It’s impressive how much I like hand stitching stuff, which is why I sewed the little squares onto the front, It is deliberately wonky and quirky, honest!

I really do need some sharp scissors though, as I simply couldn’t get any clean straight edges!




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