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Cars, Crunches and KFC August 6, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Life, Chatter & Politics.
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Well what an interesting evening.

Today saw a number of interesting things, to be honest. Ben saw news that his job may again be under threat. We saw a house that we loved, but now due to this upheaval may not be able to afford. We tried to cook dinner before viewing a flat, and the duck was off. Not quite so interesting, you may think…

So we went to the supermarket. Nipped out, leaving the oven heating up and the TV on. First mistake. Changed the duck within 5 minutes and back into the car. Where, on the way out and just passing KFC, the clutch cable snapped. We glided (glid? glode? – glided always sounds wrong!) round the corner into the KFC car park. Neither of us had phones on us, so we used the KFC landline (Ben had to don the most fetching paper hat and rereat into a back room…) to call the AA. Over an hour later (having missed our second viewing without being able to let any one know), the AA guy turned up. And promptly recognised Ben as the guy he had to rescue from breaking down outside the supermarket last time. The place is cursed! Our house didn’t burn down though, in case you wondered!

So – an interesting evening!



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