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Pretty Things August 8, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Thrifting.
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Inspired by Cie’s lovely post, I thought I would share some of my beautiful things with you. Not my gifts, but little and beautiful items that I have collected in the past few weeks and months.

As the daughter of an antique dealer, I was always aware that somewhere down the line my inner aesthetic values would start to hold forth. You can read an interview I did with him a few months ago here. I have put up with generic plates, boring IKEA bowls and ugly mugs, but now I am starting to collect pretty things. Some, such as the tea cups, will decorate my house in the future – despite being resigned to the window sill thanks to rather restricted space at present. Others, like my lovelycasserole dish and the 60’s plates I am avidly collecting, will be used in my day to day life. Bear in mind I live with Ben – who loves modern touches and flashy pads more than anything even vaguely traditional!

I love them all!

tea cup and tea time plate

First is the latest addition to my collection, picked up at a charity shop in town. It is lovely, and so perfectly designed to hold crustless cucumber sandwiches at tea time that I wish I drank hot drinks! The colour is great, and is currently inspiring my Kitchen dreams!

sqaure angled cup and saucer and plate

Secondly, some of you may remember this from a blog post a good few months ago. This is a set up picked up on a trip home to tavistock, and I was struck first by the shape. The floral yet modern design is stunning and very unusual.If I could get hold of a whole set of these I would love to display them, but all I have is this and a bowl.

midwinter casserole dish

I love my Midwinter casserole dish! This beauty is one of the items I long to use – it seems pointless if it isn’t used as once intended! The problem is that you don’t often use a dish like this is you don’t have a table to eat off – and in our studio, laps are the table of the day. I plan to use this lovely china when in a bigger location with an actual table to be social at and eat at!








Finally, two of my lovely cups and saucers. Some of you may disagree (and I can understand), but I love these two precisely because theyare understated, in beautiful muted colours. I hope that one day I will have light airy rooms with gentle colour schemes – and that these beauties will have pride of place. There is something so lovely about cups and saucers – aesthetically pleasing, and so full of variety!



1. Sherin - August 9, 2009

I love that first cup and saucer. Its really classy and timeless.

2. Brian - August 11, 2009

Great finds! Thanks for stopping by and sharing on MTSS…


3. Amy - August 21, 2009

I adore that casserole dish – anything with deer or birds and it has to be mine! I’m on the lookout for a mint green vase/vintage trinket at the moment, but apparently they don’t exist!

A x

4. Iona, ITV - November 9, 2009

Hi there,

I’m looking for participants with a passion for beautiful objects and an eye for turning a profit to take part in our new ITV programme; Auction Party. The general gist of the programme is that you would host your own auction party and with the help of our production team, and antiques expert, you could make some extra cash too!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you or any friends are interested in taking part.

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email: auctionparty@itv.com


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