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Random Shuffle August 9, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Music.
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I wanted to copy Kate’s recent post and see what songs came up on shuffle on my itunes. I wanted to wax lyrical (no pun intended) about the music, talk about my favourite artists, and essentially do what she did. However, I have realised a flaw in my plan – the sheer amount of *ahem* crap that I have on my computer! I went through a phase a few years ago of essentially collecting songs. The intention was that I one day could play any song anyone requested. Instead, I ended up with a collection that doesn’t reflect my personality, the contents of which mainly mean very little to me. I can’t help but feel that something has gone wrong along the way!

So here is my slightly adapted post. A selective “random” list – ignoring the many inbetweeners that I have never even listened to or ever have intended to listento. As it happens I haven’t really listened to anything in the past year, in the same way I have barely read anything. These things need to be changed in future – I sense a music purge coming on!

1. Knockin’ on Heaven’s door – Guns “n” Roses

An interesting choice, Guns N Roses are one of those bands that I really enjoy listening to, yet rarely choose to put on. The are one of those “shuffle bands” that are always a bonus when they come on, but you never think of choosing! There is nothing better than rock like this to sing along with, and I always enjoy tunes like this as a real pick-me-up.

2. Every day I love you less and less – Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs were one of my 6th form bands, one of those who tap into the group Psyche and sing exactly the type of music that you needed to hear. For us, their sound was fabulous and revolutionary, and due to being such a zeitgeist their next album had no chance of living up to it! I remember getting depressed about a certain boy (to be fair a series of certain crushes) and believing this song was causing them to love me less and less. Ah, the joys of illogical teenage hormones!

3. Plug in Baby – Muse

Gawd I love this band. I love the classical undertones, the over-dramatising, the beat and the words. I got to know through Absolution, and had missed this whole album until a few years down the line. Thankfully many loyal Muse fans introduced me to the joys of their first release, and I discovered this piece. I also discovered that whilst my parents are really cool with music, I could not persuade my mum to like this track even if I played it several thousand times!

4. Paper Boats – Nada Surf

I owe Charli for introducing me to this gentle and relaxing band. She always seems to know a million unknown artists off by heart. If you haven’t ever heard this song then listento the video below. I tis possibly to a very specific taste – so you may love it or hate it!

5. Sister Sneaker Sister Soul – My Latest Novel

Yet another relative unknown, these are a tiny band with a really good tune. I haven’t thought about this song in years, but was in love with in for a while. I am inspired to listen to it again. Isn’t it funny how one month you can honestly believe you never want ot listen to anything else, and the next you are suddenly obsessed with yet another tune. I don’t know if it is just me who is fickle, but I am soo changeable!


1. fashion court blog - August 10, 2009

sometimes my shuffle knows me so well. other times, it’s like ..uhh, why do i even have some of this music?

2. Kate - August 16, 2009

Cool! Glad you did this too (I will even forgive the slight cheating given your valid explanation!). Plug in Baby is an amazing tune. Never heard of Nada Surf or My Latest Novel but will definitely be checking them out.

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