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Whiling away the weekend August 15, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, What I Wore.
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Summer may be fading away, but it doesn’t mean that we have to stop having picnics. Thankfully the weather is pretty warm and sunny in Leamington today, meaning that we really could get into that summer vibe for one last fling.

I actually started the morning annoyed at myself for sleeping until 11.30 – a very rare feat for me and one that has meant the rest of the day has been spent bemoaning the fact that so many hours of exciting weekend fun were wasted! Still, we managed to nip into town, do a bit of shopping, and have a picnic with Cie and her uni friends in the beautiful Jephson gardens. If you are ever in Leamington, spare them a visit as they are quite spectacular, and full of sunflowers at this time of year.

As I am now working on some freelance work for Monday (I am quite the digital TV expert now!), I though I would post a quick outfit shot, as I so rarely do that!

aftershock maxi dress

This is my bargain of the week – a lovely dress from Aftershock in House of Fraser. I have been watching it for weeks, and it had come down to £16 with 10% off for a tiny amount of damage! It is also my first maxi dress that doesn’t come to mid calf!


1. Diana - August 15, 2009

That dress is gorgeous! What a great find!

2. Caroline - August 16, 2009

Amazing picture, and I thought this looked even more stunning in real life! One of your best finds EVER! x

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