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A Book of Looks | A Beginners Lookbook August 17, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Crafting, Fashion.
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For the past few months I have been ooh-ing and ahh-ing over peoples lookbooks that are scattered all over the Internet. With fashion blogging becoming ever more popular, these fashion lookbooks are no longer just a scrap book of inspirations and aspirations. Instead, they are collections of posts from years of dedicated fashion following, documenting personal style, wild ideas, beautiful adverts. They are everything that the old collages used to be made of, in easily accessible digital form.

Perhaps most fascinating is the fact that for the first time in… well… ever, these lookbooks are there for you to view. For us, the public, to see. They were once a private occupation, a dedicated log of everything that excited you. Now, we can see each others ideas, dreams, we can build and exchange concepts, trends and interact.

Whilst I love this, I have decided to put together a lookbook of my own, in a beautiful photo album that I have been coveting for years, and which has remained startlingly empty. It is designed to be my conceptions, favourite points and aspirations for the current months trends – based on Elle mainly because I can’t afford another subscription in my budget tight world!

So… here is my very own look book – Page 1!

personal lookbook autumn winter trends

The look this season definitely has a theme to it. All through every page of every magazine certain fashion keywords keep coming and coming. The look is bold, powerful, anti-feminine in it’s structured attitude. Then, hidden within the studs and the leather and the black is something surprising. Satins, florals, even structured ruffles that combine delicacy with boldness. This meeting of the two extremes, the two genders, is a rather beautiful combination.

studs leather satin lookbook

Black and glitter meet with glossy patent and sexy heels. If your feet aren’t clad in chunky ankle boots or sky high heels, opt for rich luxury colour and subtle god looks. Mix bold brights and harsh black silhouettes with soft floaty chiffon and flowing fabrics, The balance between left and right, black and white, good and bad – this is what you are trying to achieve! Russell & Bromleyshoes are perfect if you can’t afford Louboutins (I can’t afford either!), and this extraordinary satin top from Piazza Sempione really is the perfect high-end feminine look.

luxury purple handbag, leather gloves  sisley

Leather is the name of the game, complete with dominatrix studs and decorative details. This can be pretty pricey, but if you are prepared to sacrifice the softness a little then cheaper options are out there – and fake leather too makes it all more affordable, H&M have these beauties, although I must admit to having fallen in love with the somewhat more pricey deep purple bag from Modalu. It is my favourite colour, so I am allowed!

mirrored dresses, elle fashion, dolce and gabbana winter 2009

Mirrored and sequined items seem to be coming around again, and I am surprised to find that I am fully considering adapting some items to fit with this theme. It is fun, you see, and and simple to achieve without going out and blowinga big budget on a designer item. We’ll see if anything comes of it, but a simple little black dress with added focal mirrors could be really goof fun to make!

So there you have it – my first ever lookbook page and a quick summery of this seasons main trends to boot!

What do you think? Do you have a lookbook of your own?



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