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So What’s New | Fine and Dandy August 19, 2009

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Time for the third installment of So What’s New! I am quite excited about the answers that the lovely Matt from Fine and Dandy is going to give, as he brings something new to my blog. The thing is, you see, that I have never really talked that much about men’s fashion. Due to the constraints of my gender, it rarely crosses my mind to thinks about dapper boys, sexy shirts and beautiful men’s shows – instead, the selfish side of my personality prefers to think about dresses, skirts and unbelievable high heels! This men’s fashion shop, however, is something a little bit special. I was converted the moment I went onto the site and saw the categories of beautiful clothes  with a whole section just for bow ties. This up and coming shop is definitely a great supplier of dapper and vintage inspired men’s clothes, a rare resource!

tartan dapper bow tie

So – onto the questions!

Me: The obvious question – how did you get into designing?

Actually I’m not a designer.  I buy the best items I can find for my shop; items I would wear or use.  I come from a Broadway theatre management background but for many years I’ve fantasized about opening up my own menswear storefront shop.  Given the expense of NYC, its hasn’t been an economic possibility.  About a year and a half ago I had the idea to give it a try online.  We launched on October 31, 2008, just in time for holiday shopping.

Me: Did you ever expect the success you have ended up having?

The response has been great.  I think the timing of our launch was wise. We heard from many desperate shoppers who were ecstatic to find something a little different

luxury tweed cap

Me: What are your inspirations, principles etc? Is there any concept your designs are based on?

I’ve always loved everything vintage.  I buy tons of vintage photos on ebay of guys from around the turn of the century.  It’ fascinating to see how guys dressed back then.  Wow, have times changed.  I loved the idea of be INFLUENCED by those early styles, but making it my own and very current.

Me: Aspirations for the future?

We have a lot of things in the works.  We’re shooting a lookbook next month for our new collection.  We hope to have a pop-up shop for the holidays.  And some day we hope to open that storefront shop.

Me: Who are your favourite designers?

Antonio Azzuolo, Philip Sparks, Hacket.  All three are dandy to some degree

So there you have it guys – Fine and Dandyfor dapper boys! And, as always, I have managed to get you a lovely discount code to use at the till, for orders over $50 – just enter “ATYPICAL” at any time through September! Exciting eh?!



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