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Primark thoughts August 23, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Life, Chatter & Politics, Thrifting.
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Well, I have had quite a nice weekend. Friday night was spent looking after Ben’s cat at home, who was desperate for a little love having been staying at the vet whilst his owners have been on holiday. He spent most of the night on our bed, alternating between standing affectionately on my chest, accidentally getting whiskers in my nose and eyes, and head butting me for attention. Being the wildly broody individual that I am, I loved it!

Yesterday night was spent out in Leamington for a friends birthday, which was actually really good fun. For the first time in a long time, I ended up rather brilliantly drunk in a totally happy way, had what I am sure is the most delicious and fantastic chicken burger with cheese in the world at three in the morning, and was introduced to the sweaty dark horror that is Leamington’s biggest nightclub. I have never been that much of a clubber, so we didn’t stick around in there for long. I prefer, you see, to be able to sit and chat – and in a wild club that is (no joke) called Smack, there was no chance of that!

smack leamington

Anyway, I had time this weekend to do my usual charity shop shopping, and noticed something a little odd. The majority of the fashion items on the shelves that caught my eye were by Primark. The name “Atmosphere” was simply everywhere, and all the pretty items seemed to be under that name. Of course, the were all priced at more than they would ever cost in Primark new, but the point remains!

So why does this astonishingly cheap shop seem to produce some of the most beautiful items out there? The quality may be dodgy, but they are definitely spot on the money with the good looks!

My theory, should you want to hear it, is pretty simple. Primark produce items inspired by current trends – but most importantly, it make stunning vintage inspired dresses. Primark seems to be the only brand that has realised the value of vintage looks in the retail market. After all, these looks have already lasted for generations – and they are classic styles that not only are massively popular with current shoppers, but have been and will be popular for years!

Primark – hats off to you! I may not buy your goods in charity shops – but I can do nothing but salute your unexpected ability to produce good looks!


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