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Vintage 1930’s Fashion August 28, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Thrifting, Vintage.
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As you may have noticed, talk about the 1930’s has been slipping into my blog posts for the past week. The reason? There is a lovely vintage 1930’s party taking place on a boat in London, and I am going to it. Myself, Cie, Kate and Nommi will be traipsing down south following our Sew Make Believe sewing day on the 12th, and getting ready for a night of vintage 1930’s cabaret, 30’s fashion, dancing and cocktails  at St Katharine Docks.

Obviously I can’t wait, and all the boring bits are done – we have booked the accommodation, bought the tickets, and all that was left to do was to get our heads around 1930’s fashion. Thankfully, the 1930’s was every party goers dream era. The dresses were long, elegant and often cut from satin. The newly introduced 1930’s bias cut draped and clung around hips, and the new popular halterneck was sweeping traditional fashion off the floor. Of course, the 30’s was quite a long time ago now, and a majority of those beautiful 1930’s evening gowns have simple died. Fabric doesn’t age well, and their fondness for lace meant that the antique dresses and beautiful designs they were so well known for have often not lasted for 80 odd years.

Thankfully, however, some have. Most of the 1930’s dresses were too expensive for me, being as they are antiques made from the most luxurious of materials. The floor length ballgowns and astonishing suits were well beyond my meagre price range! Thankfully, however, near obsessive searching has paid off, and I now own a slightly damaged but gorgeous 1930’s art deco party gown. It is short, coming to on the knees or just below, and is much more me that some of the overly formal dresses out there. I have to fix the little holes – but for £22 including delivery from the US, I am sure I can manage it!

Here it is:

1930's hollywood art deco party gown

Isn’t it adorable?!

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1. Amber - August 28, 2009

Oh my God, that is stunning! And for that price? Bargain.

2. Lauren Cooke - August 28, 2009

Isn’t it just? I am wildly in love! hehe

3. Oreoluwapo - August 28, 2009

it’s a very pretty dress i’d love to buy it!!

Lauren Cooke - August 31, 2009

Isn’t it lovely Oreoluwapo? I’m so chuffed – now fingers crossed that it arrives on time!

4. Amanda Lee - September 1, 2009

Very pretty!

Lauren Cooke - September 1, 2009

Thank you Amanda! Glad you like it!

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