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Part 2: Understanding Vintage Fashion September 2, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Vintage.
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On with part 2 of my piece documenting the history and context of vintage fashion through from the 1920’s. We have reached the fiery exciting 1960’s, and will continue our vintage journey from here to the present day!

1960's mod fashion

The 1960’s were a fascinating time both for fashion and for the world at large. Two themes developed. First was the “middle class” mod trend, which saw modernism sweep the nation and encouraged a new exciting and unfamiliarway of modern life. Rejecting old-fashioned outdated ideals, these pioneers rocked cute bobs, the newly invented mary quant miniskirt, and were now to listen to unfamiliar music such as modern jazz. The second dominating trend was the hippy trend. By attempting to bring men and women closer in equality, the hippy look focused on androgynous looks, long hair, and an unprecedented respect for the human body. Driven by peace, hippy clothing represents both the drugged fuelled hippy heydays, as well as the “peace and love” mantra.

1970's fashion

The bell bottomed hipped look morphed interestingly during the transition into the 1970’s. Prints and bright colours were as popular as ever, but the ideas changed and developed, resulting in a dark and odd colour palette of greens, browns and yellows. Strange new ideas and exciting changes were run of the mill, producing platform heels (for boys and girls!), exciting music (debatable!) and some astonishing furniture! With the development of disco culture, those who had missed the hippy period drowned themselves in glitter and headed onto the dance-floor to gyrate to Bowie.

1980's fashion

With women’s increasing role in society, many women in the 1980’s began to develop methods of gaining respect and looking powerful. Breaking out of the traditional girlie role, they opted to power dress in sharp suits with massive shoulder pads, aiming to be equal in the workplace. Alongside functional fashion changes dominated by lifestyle choices, the 80’s was dramatically influenced by the media that could now beam into their homes. The first generation exposed to celebrity culture on such a level, looks were often inspired by musicor television, such as Michael Jackson’s thriller. Headbands, glitter and shimmery clothing was still de rigour, and is coming back in today!

1990's fashion

Finally we come to the 90’s, the era of fashion in which I grew up. I am looking at it form an uncomfortable closeness, and to that end have troupe seeing any positive in the 1990’s fashion for leggings, headbands and plimsolls. That said, some very important and life-changing events happened in the 1990’s. The Spice Girls, as one of the more dominating forces, rose to power with “girl power” as their mantra and very particular fashion tastes, Inspired by this, girls began to grow up believing they could do anything they wanted – even if they had to wear platforms again to do it! Anti-fashion was on top form.

So there you have it – the fashion, the context and the reasons behind all things vintage!



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2. Kristen - September 9, 2009

i love this stroll through history. I am a big fan of the 90’s grunge, the plaid shirt, loose knits and combat boots and even still re-interpreting those trends today in a new sophisticated way.

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7. Mayra - January 16, 2010

Girls, can I ask something? Im from Argentina and I LOVE vintage, but i don’t know how the say it, I mean, the pronunciation.
Please, can someone tell me?


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