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Colour Wheel September 4, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Crafting.
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Colour is an important part of life. It effects what we want to eat, how we feel, what we are thinking and how we come across to others. Fashion is dictated and transformed by a new colour, seasons are led by vibrant shades and predictable palettes, and cultures each have their own specific colour wheel.

With this is mind, I have finally started my big crafting project, and it is all based around colour, and the interactions between shades and patterns. I feel quite virtuous – I am learning whilst I sew!

The project is a colour wheel quilt just like this one from Kates’ book, “Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts”. It is a long and tiresome project, but the end result should be stunning!

colour wheel quilt

They do actually sell pre-prepared packs of rainbow colours, but the fun for me is picking out the shades and working them together into a vibrant circular rainbow. To get the best selection, I bought all my fabric from eBay, and am now waiting for it to arrive. I found this so easy, as I could copy the photos of the fabric and plot them next to each other to see how the patten developed. Here are all my colours, which will one day theoretically look like the quilt above! The breaks in the pattern are there deliberately, to jazz up the order and make it more exciting to look at. There are plenty of fun silly patterns in their too alongside the grown up ones!

rainbow quilting fabrics

rainbow quilting fabrics

What do you think?!


1. Caroline - September 4, 2009

Wow – impressive!! Also: gorgeous – well done!

2. Kate - September 4, 2009

Oh wow!! Can’t wait to see your progress on this – will you be making this on the 12th?

3. Lauren Cooke - September 4, 2009

I will indeed! Piecing it together bit by bit, as a complete novice…

4. Intrinsically Florrie - September 4, 2009

That is a beautiful colour wheel!! A really lovely idea.

Florrie x

5. Sarah - September 5, 2009

Really pretty and inspiring :]

6. Angela - October 1, 2009

Do you have the pattern?

Lauren Cooke - October 1, 2009

Hi Anglea

I am using a pattern from a book. The book should be available somewhere on this site!


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