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1930’s makeup September 6, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Makeup/Cosmetics, Vintage.
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I had a try yesterday at creating some lovely 1930’s makeup for the upcoming do. The lip bows need to be nice and exaggerated, whilst the eyes should be dark and smokey, and generally eyeliner free. What do you think of the attempt?! Oh, and this is less dramatic than for a night out – and I am pretty sure they didn’t wear gloss like I did, but hey!

1930's makeup attempt

Any tips, let me know – all feedback appreciated!



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2. queengilda - September 7, 2009

i once went to a 1920s party and did a really dark lip with super dramatic, alexander mcqueen for dior couture inspired lip. i looked like a drag queen but really enjoyed it. ahaha!! i think you need to try it with loads of lipliner and matte lipstick!

3. Lauren Cooke - September 7, 2009

Yup, that’s what I thought Gilda! The gloss was mainly for me to go out in during the day, but I need to find a great dark matte lipstick…

4. Jean - November 10, 2009

I think you’ve modernised the look too much-I would catergorise this make up as daywear. I would have no idea is was 1930’s influenced if you hadn’t of told me. The lips are far too glossy, the eyebrows are not pronounced at all (nor are the lips). Eyelashes in the 1930’s were large, generally false, very curled and were one of the main feautres of the face-it barely looks as if you’ve even applied mascara! Perhaps with a 1930’s get up you would look more suited to the era but as it stands, not at all.

I think you need to do some more research & have another go.

5. Lauren Cooke - November 11, 2009

Hi Jean

Thanks for the feedback. As I mentioned above this was a look for me to wear in the daytime, and would be more dramatic for the night. It is also only 1930’s influenced. The gloss point is true, I added that for fun and did mention in the text that they wouldn’t wear this. For a day going to work, wearing huge flase lashes and even lots of mascara would have been inappropriate – and my eyebrows are nightmares that don’t shape or sculpt even with brow liner.

As with all vintage styles, I only take influence and don’t feel the need to copy them to the T.

But thanks for the feedback, although it does come across as largely rude!


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