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Heels, Heels or Heels? September 9, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion.
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The decisions I have to make on a daily basis about what shoes to wear are somewhat more taxing than most people would imagine. After all, I have not got a posh extendable walk in wardrobe with built in stylist (unfortunately). I don’t even have a list of what goes with what, or which with which. My shoes (all 50-odd pairs…) are crammed into any space in the flat, and as such I sometimes forget what I own…

Sometimes, however, I cannot decide what to wear because I don’t know what style of shoes I prefer! What is most work sensible, what will make me feel happy, what will suit me on a lazy day?

Louboutin sexy stud heel

Louboutin sexy stud heel

The high heel (and by this I mean a towering sky scraper of a vertiginous beauty) is a thing for respect and dedication. Wear this if you a) aren’t going to be traipsing up and down steps all day, and/or b) if you need admiration and jealous looks to keep you going. Obviously wear them for their beauty too! Portrayed perfectly by Louboutin and, surprisingly, Topshop, these heels are kind of silly but undeniably sexy and stunning.

ASOS wedge heel boot

ASOS wedge heel boot

 The wedges is a different creature entirely. Some wedges fit in the high heel category, with studs, black leather or even the occasion Diamante. They are the cool yet quirky cousin of the heel, and as such are dramatically impressive yet (*big secret*) really quite comfy! A great fall back option, wedges are now really quite stylish. The other type of wedges are much less office friendly – they tend to inspire summer days and are a more casual, stroll-along-the-promenade type of shoe.

 Next we come to a heel that I can’t decide if I love or I hate. The Midi. This heels is nowhere near a high heel, not as unusual as a wedge, and often just a little bit… blah. Blah, of course, is a very official and technical word for exactly this type of shoe inspiration (or lack thereof). Eminently work wear suitable and not often casual, this look is great for power walking, offering hip swing yet a severely reduced chance of breaking your neck. Some of these are lovely, others are (you guessed it) just very blah.

Flat sparkly sequinned shoes

Flat sparkly sequinned shoes

Finally, the flat. Not particularly flattering for your legs (oh how I love the instant leg-lift of a high heel), but oh-so comfortable. Strolling to work is made light work of with flats – but if you want a dominant powerful look they somehow never have the same pizzaz. They are like the slightly ugly duckling, the ballet dancer whose pirouette isn’t quite right, and a whole collection of equally crap analogies!  

For me, the high heel tends to win out an awful lot of the time. Not always however, as sometimes a cute and sensible midi fits the bill, whilst on bad days I can’t get past the comfort of flats!

What is your favourite?

Oh – and how beautiful are these? Charlotte Olympia heels have jumped straight to the top of my shoes-I-love-but-can’t-afford-list!

Charlotte Olympia Gloria Button Heel

Charlotte Olympia Gloria Button Heel


1. Angel Cutsforth - September 9, 2009

I like a mix… At the moment I live in a pair of Shelley’s flats but today I’m wearing a high heel (not a stilleto but it’s about 3 inches).

I also like some midi heels if they are mary janes… I have a pair of patents that I love.

And then my favorite winter boots are wedges… they are so going to fall apart this winter, and I love my Miss L Fire Tennis Wedges…

Don’t make me choose! I love my shoes too much!

2. Amber - September 9, 2009

Lol! I have the first shoes in black, and I don’t need admiration and jealous looks to keep me going – I just like them 🙂 Also, I’m short, and I always feel weird in my flats, they’re just not “me”. I’ve never been very keen on mid-height heels, though, I think I seem to need my shoes to be either one extreme or the other. (Although, saying that, I do love midi heels on boots. Hmmm.)

3. Kate - September 9, 2009

Oh my god those Louboutins… have you seen my latest post?! Freaky! I need to own a pair one day!

4. Lauren Cooke - September 9, 2009

Hi Amber – I know you own them – they are absolutely wonderful! You may not need the looks – but I can guarantee you’ll get them! *swoon*. I love (and always wear) heels like that, just thought I would have fun with the stereotypes, hehe.

Kate – the ones on your blog are lovely too – and slightly mroe senisble than cream! Spooky eh?

5. B Penzabene - November 1, 2009

I need to know where I can buy those ASOS wedge heel boots! Please Help!

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