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Semi-Daily eBay | I wish I won… September 10, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Rants, Semi-Daily eBay.
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I couldn’t really tell you why I wish I won this Rick Owens pea coat quite so much. It’s an odd shape (although I am sure it would be stunning on), and in a rather nondescript (but always popular) shade of grey. I just wish, really really wish, that I had won it. Until two hours before the auction ended I was winning this for a rather astounding £22. Which, for a coat that no doubt cost in excess of £1000 pounds, was quite a bargain! And, to be fair, the £134 is suddenly rocketed to is still a ridiculous saving on a lovely item.

I am suffering from the depression of a coveted eBay item loss!

Rick owens cashmere mix pea coat

Rick owens cashmere mix pea coat



1. Diana - September 11, 2009

That pea coat is gorgeous! Sorry you didn’t win it.

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