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Wish Lists September 10, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion.
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Hmm, this post has a rather unimaginative title – but sometimes needs must and an obvious title is the only way to go.

I have been thinking abut trends recently. Normally I am not all that bothered about them – after all, they will come and go in a matter of months, and what really lasts after all that time is style. This season, however, I keep wanting to buck my own trend, and buy into all the fashions that are being bandied about! And this is coming from a gal who doesn’t like 80s fashion, and who couldn’t wear shoulder pads even if she wanted to.

Jean Paul Gaultier black velvet ballgown

Jean Paul Gaultier black velvet ballgown

So, to keep myself from randomly buying everything in the world, I have decided to put together a wish list. These are the things I want, and the things I need. Not specific brands (these are for my eBay saved searches…), but the things that have slowly become coveted…

  1. Jeans. Boring, but necessary – I have none but my baggy cheapies!
  2. A leather skirt. There is something about this trend I keep leaning towards…
  3. Cage boots. Where would I wear them? God knows!
  4. A black dress. Just a plain black dress!
  5. A velvet dress – this trend is one I have always loved, and I must have a vintage one!
  6. A coat. My one is a grey, bobbly mess and has to be replaced.

 Defining a list like this helps me to keep a wrap on my wild desires. It essentially makes me more directed, which is good for a dangerous time like this where I have a real shopping vibe on!

So what things are on your must have list?


1. Caroline - September 10, 2009

I’ve fallen in love with a Laura Ashley coat – gonna blog it later.

I do have a few velvet dresses – a black mini, a vintage black Laura Ashley, my teal Monsoon crushed velvet that I can’t WAIT to wear this autumn… I wrote a really long blog post about what they mean to be a couple of years back:

I figure you can never have too many though – they’re my favourites for winter!! I really want a 50s style red one, and maybe a lovely crushed cotton velvet one with a lace collar…

Oh god – you’ve set me off looking at ebay velvet dresses now!

2. Caroline - September 10, 2009
3. Lauren Cooke - September 11, 2009

Lovely, all of them!! That blc one above is beautiful, and technically a bargain at about £240 buy it now… but even so way beyond my price range!

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