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Land Ahoy! September 13, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Blogs, Crafting, Fashion, Vintage.
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Well what a spectacular weekend I have just had. It began with a lovely evening gossiping in the pub with Cie, something we very rarely get to do anymore as just us two. It was meant to be a girls night out… but with a few more girls! Every cloud, however, as getting a chance to catch up and chat was a definite silver lining!

Saturday was spent at a sewing day for Sew Make Believe, which was a great opportunity to get the girls together in a crafty frame of mind, chatting and sewing and giggling. Once I recovered from my first hangover of the weekend (hey, I have a weak stomach, ok?!), I settled in to start chopping up my quilt segments for my colour wheel quilt. My blue section is mainly cut, and I simply have to invest in a rotary cutter!

Colour wheel quilt segments

Colour wheel quilt segments

The weekend kept getting better, as myself, Cie, Kateand Nommi whisked ourselves off on the train to London town, where we were destined for that 1930’s fashion event that I have been preparing for weeks. You know all those vintage dresses, and hairstyles, and 1930’s obsessing I ave been doing? Well, they all culminated in last nights SS Atlantica journey of discovery. Based on the beautiful St. Katharine’s Docks, we wandered around for a good half an hour before we found where the event was being held – but boy was it worth it! The interior was a little undecorated (especially considering they turned us away because they were “running late”) but we soon didn’t notice after a few glasses!

Tower Bridge was just next door

Tower Bridge was just next door

Once inside, we noticed at once the hug range of 1930’s fashion interpretations. Many people had opted for 1920’s fashion, a much easier era to define and pin down. Other people, however, were clearly clad in truly stunning vintage items, some of which were just… wow….!!! My dress was finally decided to be 1940’s – but I loved it so much and did feel very art deco 1930’s – so all was not lost.

Our 1930's vintage outfits!

Our 1930's vintage outfits!

We sipped champagne and drank cocktails all night, before getting involved in some 1930’s dancing. I know no steps at all and have always avoided anything that involves coordination – but suddenly it all worked. I suited the 1920’s dancing with wild abandon, but was useless when it came to anything with defined steps! It didn’t matter, however, as Nommi and myself were soon whisked away by some very dapper young men in suits who spun and swished us across the floor. It was great!

My wonderful dancing!

My wonderful dancing!

Just when our poor feet could dance no more, I felt a tap on the shoulder. And that is how I finally got to meet the wonderful Fleur de Guerre, 1940’s pin-up gal who is even more beautiful in the flesh than on her blog! After a bit of gossiping and introductions (in the real non-blog world for once!), we finally gave in and decided to head off back to our hotel – literally buzzing from both the great night and the delicious champagne!

Myself and the lovely Fleur

Myself and the lovely Fleur



1. nectarfizz - September 15, 2009

My sister quilts. I have to show you the one she made for me. It’s called “Around the World” get it? lol. You look so lovely in that dress!

Lauren Cooke - September 15, 2009

I get it indeed! I look forward to seeing it! Mine is going to take forever but should be worth it, hopefully!

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