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Little things September 14, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Blogs, Life, Chatter & Politics.
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I have no post laid out in my mind today. In fact, I have just sat in front of my computer screen for a good 10 minutes, trying to think of even one word that would start off an eloquent and gently amusing blog post. Annoyingly, it didn’t happen!

So instead, I thought I would show you a couple of things from last week.

My Christian Lacroix dress was accompanied by tightly curled hair, and I spent the night before twisting it up and tying in with rags. This was my own interpretation of rag tying… completely wrong! I knew the effect I wanted however, proper teeny tiny ringlets rather than the traditional spirally large curls. To do it, I took little sections and twirled them around and around, until they twisted up into a knot on my head. I tied this with a rag rather than a little hair band, as it meant less kinks.

I looked insane after!

My rag tied hair

My rag tied hair

Other than the hair info (I simply must learn how to rag tie properly!), I also just wanted to put a plug in for the wonderful Miss Matilda. When trying to find a stole for my 1930’s do, I sent out a message on Twitter to the world at large, to see if anyone had one I could borrow. Within minutes Miss Matilda replied with a positive,and sent it out as a gift the next monday. As it happened postal strikes were crippling both London and Guernsey, meaning it disappeared until today, but the intention was very clear. It completely restored my faith in the kindness of strangers, and I wanted to plug both Miss Matilda’s loveliness and her 1930’s/1940’s repro fashion shop. Thank you!



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