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Accidental Onion Soup September 16, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Foodiness.
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I have discovered that if you make onion gravy and it doesn’t work, all hope is not lost. I managed to make the most lovely onion soup I have had since Paris, with only the effort of making a gravy! How did I do this wonderous thing, that resulted in Ben drinking from the jug? Read on!

 First I fried onion gently in butter until it was soft and going translucent. Then I mixed flour with a little water to make a paste (1 onion, 1 heaped teaspoon flour), and added this to the pan. I stirred hard with a wooden spoon to absorb the butter and scrape up anything on the pan base. To this mixture I added a beef oxo cube and stirred that in too! Next was a healthy dose of white wine, which I boiled until reduced and stirred continuously. Add a good half-pint to a pint of water and boil hard, adding a little cornflour paste, a veg cube and perhaps a dash more wine. I kept boiling but it refused to reduce. The (very hot) result was the onion soup!



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