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Who Nose? September 18, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Inspiration, Life, Chatter & Politics.

Ah, what an opportunity for a brilliantly terribly pun!! Sorry guys!

My nose isn't quite this bad!

My nose isn't quite this bad!

Anyway, today I received a rather wonderful email from a follower of my blog. In this email, he very kindly and flatteringly pointed out to me that whilst I may complain about the size of my nose, it is actually “stately”, and is a beautiful and very flattering look that I should not be ashamed of, but should feel positive about and even proud of. Here is the email:

In my searches for pictures of women who are blessed with stately noses (for an art project) I chanced upon your photo from your blog on the 18th of May this year. I couldn’t help browsing around, I must admit. As I think women (and people in general) with bigger noses are beautiful, I really don’t know why you felt the need to apologise for your nose being in the picture. You fill our small-nosed hearts with such envy (and since you are a very beautiful woman, and I’m a slimy man, a heavy sense of infatuation). Be proud! I hope you have a man in your life who feels the same way I do (I’m in the wrong part of the world) about your look. In my own world I am about to begin a fight for the attention of a woman (also called Lauren, incidentally) who has a nose to note as well.

Now, I am sure many people would not be quite as flattered by the email, but for me it actually meant a suprising amount. I, you see, have problems with my nose. I think it is big, lumpy, ugly almost. I am aware that I cannot fix it without surgery, but I always wished it wasn’t as huge and “in your face” (pun completely intended). This email, however, has shown me that perhaps I see it with eyes that aren’t detached. I see it as horrible, yet out there are people for whom this type of large “stately” nose is an aspiration. My nose is nothing to be ashamed of. I am pretty. Thank god!


1. Esz - September 19, 2009

I have a big nose too :-(( and it bothers me as much as it does you. Since I fixed my teeth with braces, I have seriously contemplated surgery too. It’s not all that expensive these days…but then it is refreshing to hear other peoples opinions from people who LIKE big noses.

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