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60’s Vibes September 28, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Vintage, What I Wore.
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I have spent the last week either wearing my scummy and somewhat grimy jeans, or in my new 1960’s dress. We have been moving you see (it takes blooming ages when you only have 4 boxes) and in our old flat these are pretty much the only clothes I have to wear. For Wednesday night, however, I thought I would nip to the new flat and choose an outfit – and yup, it was 60’s once again! I am developing a strange love of crimpline!
1960's outfit

1960's outfit



1. Retro Chick - September 28, 2009

That is such a cute outfit!

I love the bow.

Lauren Cooke - September 28, 2009

Thank you, the bow is my favourite bit too! And it is sewn on, which means no effort on my part!

2. French Knots - September 28, 2009

Wow you really look the part, the tramlines are a very flattering detail.

Lauren Cooke - September 28, 2009

Thank you my dear. It was the ombination of the tramlines and the bow that that I thought was really pretty!

3. Amber - September 28, 2009

Fantastic dress – and another “I love the bow” comment 🙂

Lauren Cooke - September 28, 2009

hehe, glad you like it!! The bow is definitely winning in the compliment stakes (not that there is any competition between the bow and the tramlines of course…)

4. Polly Pedant - September 30, 2009

Sorry to be such a complete and utter pedant but I think you mean crimplene (not crinoline) 🙂

Lauren Cooke - September 30, 2009

I do indeed! Thank you!

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