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A little disconnected… October 5, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Life, Chatter & Politics, Social Media.
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Well guys, I am back. I think. The flat is coming together finally and I can start to relax a bit and let some of the stress go! The last little changeover bits are underway – the lights are being changed to energy savers (49p each or 5 for 50p in Sainsbury’s at the moment, isn’t that a great offer?!), the meter readings are in and the internet is set to be changed over.

internet connection

(Image borrowed from here)

That said, however, we currently do not have the internet. Orange maintain that it may take 5 working days for the internet to be switched over. I, personally, don’t see how essentially flipping a digital switch from one active telephone number to another can take 5 days. Consequently, I have come to the conclusion that little internet workers must right this second be laying me down a special line, the metal for which has been beaten out by hand and perfected with days of work. Well, either that, or they are a little bit lazy and can’t be bothered to hurry the switch.

At the beginning of the weekend I was a little hesitant about the lack of internet connection. How will I cope without twitter, and blogging, and… without eBay! My heart rate raised and a little note of hysteria may have crept into my voice on more than one occasion. After all, how frustrating to know that to find out what film that character was in we would actually have to use our brains and remember! Traumatising!  

Interestingly, it has been refreshing. I slobbed in front of the TV without a computer on my lap, I planned preparing my craft desk, I got lots done and still had time to relax. I think perhaps having the internet at my beck and call all the time is not necessarily a good idea, and perhaps (just perhaps) I should introduce a monthly or bi-monthly internet free zone. A time to remember the real world and disconnect, just for a wee while. Just while my battery recharges.

It is nice to have the internet back though…


1. Kate - October 5, 2009

Yes, I also think a few hours with no internet a week would be a good thing – I spend far too much time hopping from Twitter to google Mail to Tumblr to Feedly to my blog to Twitter.

Lauren Cooke - October 5, 2009

I think we all do – media channel hoppers and multitaskers every one of us!

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