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Flat Photos! October 5, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Life, Chatter & Politics, Photos.
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Woop! Two rooms of the new flat are now officially sorted and livable. One is the thoroughly unexciting bathroom, a room that I doubt I will ever care about in my home unless I am able to design it and put it together myself. This is bleached to within an inch of its life, which has revealed a suite that isn’t grey as previously thought, but cream. Gross eh?!

The second room, and the one I am about to share with you, is the rather wonderful kitchen. With a huge window looking onto pigeons and the edge fo the railway line, it makes me feel strangely metropolitan. Even better, the occasional train rumble and near constant cooing fo pigeons is hugely calming and therapeutic – which isn’t something I ever thought I would say!

There isn’t much storage, but we have made up for it by embracing the slightly industrial air of the red brick outside, adding in stainless steel shelves, hanging our pots in front of the window and generally filling every inch of the space.

What do you think?

Georgian kitchen

 georgian kitchen



1. Fleur - October 5, 2009

What a beautiful kitchen! I wish I had a bit more space.

2. ElementalGrace - October 5, 2009

It looks really sweet – and plenty of space for perching, which is fundamentally important in a kitchen 😉

3. Toni - October 6, 2009

Oooh it’s lovely! I love dark work tops with wood cupboards.

I must, however, defend bathrooms. I’m a total bathroom person, I really couldn’t care less about the rest of a flat when I’m viewing it. My husband was all “but the kitchen is a bit small…” when we viewed this place, and I just overruled as the bathroom is almost as big as the bedroom, and I can lay down in it. I don’t even know why that seemed so important to me 😐

4. Lauren Cooke - October 6, 2009

Fleur – it is pretty and I am so pleased it has come together! Don’t worry, once your vintage business takes off you’ll be able to live in a mansion 😛

Sarah – perching is of vital importance, and we do have plenty of space. There is another wall with a radiator too, perfect for perching on cold days!

Toni – glad you like it 🙂 I agree with the bathroom comment, and I do find them important. However, I can’t get passionate about something I didn’t design and can’t redecorate, as the bathroom is so important in my mind that I need to design it all!

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