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Literary Pleasure October 12, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Books, Wordy Business.
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Finally, finally, I am getting back into reading books. It has been a long time since I read my last book, as I lean towards coming home from work and slumping, exhausted, in front of the TV. There I used to sit for hours, staring blankly, before traipsing off to bed, crawling in, and being dead to the world in 10 minutes. Now, however, I have found the energy to pick up where I left off. I read the entire “Host” by Stephanie Meyer yesterday (which, incidentally, I really really enjoyed!), and it has whet my appetite for more words, more letters, for the feel of paper beneath my fingertips and the scent of ink in the air.

Stephanie Meyer The Host

Stephanie Meyer The Host

What does happen when I read, that I had forgotten until now, is the after effect. I will passionately devour a tome in a remarkably short amount of time – I am not a long slow reader at all, and will rush and skip through the pages until I reach the end. Then, once the book is finished, I will often retire to bed, or wander around the house catching up on housework. As I do this, I will be thinking little random thoughts as normal… but I will be thinking them in the style that the book was written in.

Odd, isn’t it?! Does anyone else do this? Get so caught up in a story and a narrative that even when it is finished it still carries on in your head? That you can absorb the attitudes and mannerisms of the protagonist for a few short hours, so you would understand exactly how they would respond, what they would say, how they would feel?

Fun and odd as this is, it wreaks havoc on any distant dream I may have of one day writing a book. Like human blotting paper, I take the style of any books I have been recently reading and write that way for a period of time, until the familiarity wears off. At this point it is replaced by a new tone, every pause is punctuated with a new style, genres interweave and mix. My writing isn’t consistent, too influenced by the world around it.

Do you get anything like this? How do you find your own writing style?


1. Caroline - October 12, 2009

I’m awful for this! The worst comes from my love of Austen – I pick up the Georgian patterns of speech and before you know where you are I’m on the phone to the taxi rank asking to reserve a place in Lady Catherine’s baruche box!!

Ok, ok, maybe not quite so extreme as that, but you get the gist!

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