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The dangers of autumn October 16, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Life, Chatter & Politics, Photos.
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I am a clumsy person. I walk (repeatedly) into door frames, I trip over in town whilst wearing flats, I drop glasses, spray food everywhere when cooking, and generally drag chaos around with me like an unwilling (yet enthusiastic) pet.

Damp Autumn Leaves

Damp Autumn Leaves

For me, no matter how pretty autumn is, the ochre leaves and misty drizzle leave behind a big and constant hazard. Walking to work is like a balancing act, stepping delicately (pah, delicacy is impossible for us klutz’!) between greasy down leaves, avoiding puddles, navigating piles of leaf mould. Slippy, slidy and downright dangerous!

Luckily I made it to work today without incident – but what about tomorrow? And the day after?!

A hazard for sure!

A hazard for sure!



1. thisismyart - October 16, 2009

As a fellow klutz, you have my utmost sympathy. I have resorted to my usual winter shoewear of the ugliest and grippiest shoes I own in attempt to minimize sliding down the road on my backside. I have noticed that it works in conjunction with attractive men too, as I can guarantee the moment I see a nice looking chap, I’ll fall base over apex and make a right eejit of myself.

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