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The ultimate comfort foods October 22, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Foodiness.
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When times are hard it is no hidden fact that many of us turn to food (and the occasional glass of wine…) for comfort. These foods make us feel full, warm, satisfied and most importantly have flavours that in our head are associated with good time. The smooth creaminess of chocolate, the salty flavour of crisps, the burst of a fresh tomato (this comfort food may be just me…) – all of these flavours give our brains something else to think about other than the ever impending doom and gloom.

Delicious comfort food!

Delicious comfort food!

(Rather scrumtuous image from here)

So what is the ultimate comfort food? What will make our hearts sings and our taste buds swoon? Here is my vital list of things to make comfort eating an art!

  • Jacket potato

Oooozing melted cheese, swathes of piping hot baked beans and enough butter to give a horse a heart attack. As a recent convert to jacket potatoes, I suddenly can’t get enough of them – and the starch and fat overload is perfect tor true and traditional comfort eating!

  • Chocolate

Mmm, chocolate. Any excuse, eh?! In fact, I have found myself making up multiple excuses in the past as to what terrible tragedy has befallen me – so any actual comfort eating is consequently jam-packed to the rafters with this substance. Personally chocolate bars aren’t my comfort food – but cream buns, chocolate mousse and cake are definite winners!

  •  Fast food

Generally this one doesn’t cut it for me (although the crunch for McDonald’s fries will always be an exception). I prefer real hearty food, like a totally inappropriate mid summer stew or an onslaught of muffins. Salty snacks are popular with comfort eaters, however, and a KFC Zinger Tower meal wouldn’t hurt…

  •  Cheese

God cheese is possibly my biggest failing. Eaten in excessive quantities at the best of times, cheese can help with any problem. Releasing the same chemicals as good chocolate, cheese makes me feel really happy! Whether the potted cheese I made at the weekend, basics cheddar or breaded brie, cheese truly is my saving food!

  •  Pasta

Finally, that nightmare of convenience foods, pasta. Whether ensconced deep in the bubbling cheesy tummy of a mac and cheese, or coated lovingly in salty basily pesto, or even just tossed in olive oil and tomatoes, pasta is the best carb, in my humble option. I love the softness, the flavour, the roundness it brings to a dish. This love affair may last for a long time.

So there you have it, my favourite comfort foods. What do you like to eat? I am always open to new options!

When comforting others, however, I stick to baking and baking well. When I get home today, it is straight on with my gingerbread man baking. Yummy!



1. Sarah - October 26, 2009

Yummm I’m all about mashed potatoes as a comfort food!

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