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Semi-Daily eBay | Nanette Lepore Mysterious Winter Coat October 23, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Semi-Daily eBay.
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It is official (in case you had been wondering) – winter is here, and here to stay. The days are wet windy and cold, and I spend most of my time thinking about the Bahamas, tucking myself up in blankets so tightly that I can’t move, and whining continuously about the never-ceasing rain. I am, in case you haven’t realised, one of the worst of the winter whiners, those irritating people who can’t stop themselves complaining about the miserable weather.

The one thing I don’t really have for the winter is a decent coat. I have some light summery ones, and one old and bobbled winter version. Other than that, I am lacking in the coat department, and it serves me right to whine about the weather when I am not preparing myself against it thoroughly! That si why so many of my eBay searches try and find a warm winter coat, and why I have fallen in love with this white bow coat from designer Nanette Lepore. It is currently for sale for a penny with no reserve!

Cute white winter bow coat, Nanette Lepore

Cute white winter bow coat, Nanette Lepore



1. Natalia - December 13, 2009

Just found it one eBay in Jade! The same coat that Katherine Heigl wore in Grey’s Anatomy, Blair in Gossip Girl, and (the ditzy but fashionable) Lauren Conrad.

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