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Giveaway – Slow Gin and Beeswax Book October 24, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Books, Foodiness.
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Earlier this week I ordered a book on eBay. It arrived, but unfortunately the cover was a little ripped. I contacted the seller who was lovely, and sent out a replacement in the post. As she did so, she encouraged me to keep the old one as a wonderful gesture of goodwill. Now, I obviously don’t need this first copy, with its little rip. But it is a brilliant book, and I don’t want it to go to waste. I want people to be able to benefit from this woman’s kindness, and experience one of my favourite seasonal reads.

Now, what is the book all about?

Apparently according to the cover it is ” Seasonal recipes and hints from traditional household storerooms”. It is jam-packed with advice on what to cook in what season, how to cook it, cleaning tips, chutney recipes, and other such worldly gems of wisdom. I have read this book back to cover, absorbing all that knowledge, and it still hasn’t gotten old!

Sloe Gin and Beeswax - you can see the rip (sellotaped) at the top!

Sloe Gin and Beeswax - you can see the rip (sellotaped) at the top!

Now, last time I hosted a giveaway on my blog, someone unfortunately won with a monosyllabic answer and was incredibly ungrateful when I contacted her – I requested the address and literally got just that – no world of thanks or even any message! This time, therefore, I request that people just give a little answer to the question below along with some method of contact (a link to your blog or email address). The competition will close on the 7th November!

To enter, simply answer this: What is your favourite old wives tale or culinary tip?

To tweet this competition if you so desire, simply paste this into Twitter: “RT @LaurenEACooke Head over to my blog for the chance to win a copy of the wonderful “Sloe Gin and Beeswax” http://tiny.cc/8Y2p3



1. George@CulinaryTravels - October 24, 2009

This book sounds amazing, a true kitchen treasure. My favourite cooking tip is that when cooking pasta the water should be as salty as the Med Sea.

2. ElementalGrace - October 24, 2009

What a lovely ebay seller! I have a couple of fun culinary tips for you:

1 – Add a teaspoon of sugar to your spaghetti bolognese to compensate for all the savoury flavours and balance it all out.

2 – I use a lot of opnions in my cooking and one of my top tips is to chop and cook them in advance and then freeze up little portions so whenever I need onions in my cooking, all I have to do is take out a package and toss it in the pan. Takes less time to warm up than it does to chop an onion and soften it. Excellent for rushed evening meals.

Have fun with your new book. It looks like great fun! 🙂 There’s an awesome book out by Collins on foraging seasonal foods if you’re into that sort of stuff. Saves me a fortune! 🙂

3. Róisín Muldoon - October 24, 2009

What a lovely ebay experience! I recently bought a dress from ebay and the seller put a lovely little handwritten note in wishing me good luck and happiness! I don’t have great originality with household tips, just a few things I always do… One is to clean my sink with white vinegar and warm water, which is also a good solution for removing red wine stains! I put a little bit of cinnamon in my filter coffee. It makes it taste good and makes the kitchen smell warm and homey. When I have something smelly in the fridge I cut an apple in half and put it in there too because it absorbs the smell. And best of all, I always put on my favourite shoes to dance while I’m doing the washing up.

4. Sarah - October 26, 2009

What a very lovely thing for the ebay seller to do, ive never used ebay but that gives me faith to do so.

My favourite culinary tip is to cook double and freeze half for those days you dont have time or feel like cooking. Also freeze the little bits left like the slug of wine left in the bottle, egg whites, fresh yeast not used, left over mash, fresh herbs chopped and put in ice cube trays with water.

Your new book sounds fantastic have fun reading and trying out all the tops

5. EssexGourmet - October 26, 2009

Excellent idea – spreading the generosity started by the very decent Ebay Seller.

A Sloe Gin tip seems apt, here is mine:

1. Put your sloes in the freezer overnight before adding to your gin mix — this eliminates the need to ‘prick’ each one as they burst from freezing and release their juice as they defrost in your gin.

2. To improve your Sloe Gin Flavour, add just a few drops of good Almond Extract — Lovely!

Best of luck to all.

6. Grethic - October 26, 2009

Old wives tales and culinary/household tips

Don’t pick blackberries after 29th September (Michaelmas) because the devil spits on them.

Onion juice spread on the lips will keep chaps away.

Ink stains can be removed from a table with a chisel.

The last two are from a 1950’s NZ farming funny book.

7. Corinna - October 26, 2009

This book sounds like so much fun!

My grandmother always added a drop of water to eggs, whether she was scrambling them, or adding them to a recipe. She said it helped the eggs bake fluffier. I’ve always followed her advice.

8. MissMatilda - October 29, 2009

I’d treaure this book, I had to send all mine to charity shop when we came here on the ferry and i’d love a peek at this one!!

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