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Semi-Daily eBay | Adorable Vintage Biscuit Tin October 29, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Semi-Daily eBay, Vintage.
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I love vintage tins. The history, the little lumps and bumps, the detailed illustrations. Quite frankly, they just don’t produce tins like that any more. Thankfully plenty of people kept these tins, and little wonders like this biscuit box are actually quite easy to get hold of – and they are great for holding all your threads/cottons and bits and pieces. Or, perhaps, for holding your biscuits (surely not!!).  This one in particular is a replica of a snuff-box held in the V&A – and isn’t it lovely!

Currently £1.50 with 5 hours left, this is a real bargain!

Vintage Biscuit Tin

Vintage Biscuit Tin



1. abbi - April 25, 2010

omg this is so weird, i have that exact tin, i hold my sewing stuff in it!. my nana gave it to me, it use to be my great grandmas!

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