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Is it just meant to be? October 30, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Inspiration, Life, Chatter & Politics.
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I have been thinking about fate at the moment. I have been thinking of the way that throughout my life, things just “happen” to me. Life will be tough, and just as it gets too much the universe throws me a rope, something happy enough to distract me from my moodiness, to make everything seem OK. In the same vein, I can search for something for ages – but it never reveals itself until I really need it, at that point where I am about to turn away and give up the fight.

I don’t, however, believe in fate. I believe that decision, and consequence, and happenstance, all contribute inextricably to my life. Getting up in the morning and going about my day leads me to a predictable set of events, all be it with a little dose of chaos and unpredictability thrown in. Do I believe that all these things happen as part of some long winding yet pre-prepared road, set in stone for me and me alone? No. No I don’t.

However, in my head that butterfly effect theory, the idea that a butterfly beating its wings in japan could tripped and earthquake in America? That as a metaphor makes sense to me. After all, a major life lesson is that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, that every decision or step has a consequence, either for you, or your friends, or the world around you. Ambition, and free will, all contribute to our decisions and life choices, as does the way you are brought up, the food you eat, the things you see. It is useless to look at your life and see it as unchangeable – and it is equally useless to look at your life and ignore the connection it has to the environment around you.

That, you see, is the thing. Whether or not fate exists, we cannot exist with that in our mind. Fate would cause inaction, decisions would be unmakeable, if we believed in fate so strongly and religiously then it is quite feasible that that would stop us walking any path at all, let alone our “destined” one. Fate is the greatest and the oldest paradox! Assuming you have the power to mold and change your own life – now that is what inspires us to be bold, to be brave, to make changes and create a life that we can love and be proud of.

Just remember though – luck and coincidence and accidents – they are the things that make life so enjoyable, the things that make decisions so hard to make, the things that can bring us crashing down or build us up into the sky. No matter how much you believe you can control your life, no matter how much you can beat fate – sometimes it just won’t work, and in the end chaos and the universe always have the upper hand – and at least 5 Aces!


1. ElementalGrace - October 31, 2009

I meant to reply to this when you first wrote it, but it slipped my mind until I saw it in my RSS feed and it reminded me again. Interesting topic and one that’s currently rather close to my heart at the moment. I’m not entirely sure I believe wholeheartedly in either fate or free will but perhaps somewhere between the two. I have been in situations recently that have made me unhappy and made choices to move towards things that I have always wanted to do but have seemed unachievable, and strangely, I have found that the more I concentrate on the things I really want, the more that things just seem to fall into place. It’s like the path of least resistance. So maybe it’s not fate but that the Universe conspires to give you what you want once you’ve decided what that thing is. Maybe.

2. Caroline - November 1, 2009

I choose between fate and free will according to what suits “the moment”. Right now I’m coming down on the side of “what was meant to be will be”, because otherwise I have done something to make me jobless – a theory I’m not so keen on!

I think things happen because they happen – call it fate if you will – but it’s how you deal with them that makes the difference, which is where our free will comes in. We don’t have the power to control events, only our reactions to them. For example, I was thinking on the bus today how much my life now has been shaped entirely by LCP – where I ended up living, the friends I made, the fact that you and I ended up close, the way I was able to deal with my situation at the time. Things are shit and stressful being redundant, but I AM happy, and that might not be the case elsewhere. Now that it’s over, rather than feeling ill toward them, I should put it behind me and recognise the good that came of that job. It’s in deciding to think that way that I control what happened.

Does that make ANY sense whatsoever??

3. ElementalGrace - November 1, 2009

Just wanted to say IRT Caroline – yes, it makes perfect sense & a very healthy attitude. x

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