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A dose of the Nastys November 18, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Blogs, Life, Chatter & Politics, Social Media.
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I have been quite lucky so far. The blogging and social networking world I have inhabited has been full of wonderful, inspiring people – old friends, new friends, and people I can’t help but read day after day. For some reason, however, I have had my first dose of nastiness in three (yes, three!!) nasty icky comments from three “different” people, all today! Thankfully everyone I know if so nice that it hasn’t got to me, and I thought I would share the absurd spelling, grammar and downright bitchiness with you all. So we can laugh at it, if you wish to!!

Oh – and it is worth noting how Gangsta speak is now the most popular for of insult. Isn’t that wonderful?! And Gangsta speak now encompasses archaic langauge, isn’t that odd?

Comment 1 waxed lyrical as such…

“I do not like your style… Do you ever feel embarrased looking back at your pictures? .. Because I would be .. REALLLY EMBARASSED YE DIG?”

Comment 2 was a little less subtle…

“You are not nice!”

It was good to have this pointed out, because for a while I had got it into my head that maybe (wait for it…) I kind of WAS nice. Gosh, I am please that was cleared up! Aren’t you? Imagine, reading along thinking I was all peachy, when beneath the surface lurked a not so nice hidden me?!

Finally, the trio was neatly topped off with…

“kAAAY LISTEN U LAYDIE YUR so wierd like what kindao fashion do you have im EFOSA, and like kaay like what are you doing.?\ yur so ugly and like the clothes yu wear thyre ugly too like kaaay leave me and my scocial buddies alone D:”

 Aren’t they just nasty?!



1. Amber - November 18, 2009

Lol! I think these tell you everything you need to know about the people who wrote them – YE DIG?!

I’m glad you’re not letting it get to you: I learned a long time ago that people who feel the need to tear others down like this are just very unhappy people – their comments say a lot about them, but absolutely nothing at all about you. (Oh, other than that you have the power to inspire jealousy!)

I have to admit, though, I really want to know what EFOSA is now? Is it some kind of disease that makes you type the phrase “like kaay” all the time? Also, is “kaay” supposed to have TWO As or three? I’m confused now. I guess I’m totally not EFOSA like kaay like.

2. ElementalGrace - November 18, 2009

Maybe having illiterate morons insult you a sign that you’ve ‘made it’ as a blogger?

I’m also curious about EFOSA – perhaps it’s a new place where all these cool kids hang out and talk in Gansta-speak.

3. matildathepimpernel incognito - November 19, 2009

Oh good gawd someone’s been at mummy’s drinks cabinet again, what ho Jeeves…..You are beautiful, I saw your pics from that Arcadia do jobby.

Blin them with manners and ignore them.
Sound like thong wearing ass flashers to me…

4. Selina - November 19, 2009

OMG like they totally can’t spell and like they have like nothing better to do with their time than like dis you kaaaaay.

Sad, sad little people with too much time and not enough brains.

5. Kate - November 19, 2009

I am glad you aren’t taking it to heart since they are clearly children with nothing better to do! Also, this intrigues me: “leave me and my scocial buddies alone” – do they have you confused with someone else or have you been harrassing tweens in your spare time again, Laydie?! 🙂

6. Fleur - November 19, 2009

Like kaaaaay, what a load of idiots! I’m glad you can laugh – I am sure getting silly comments means you’ve made it!

7. Kristen - November 20, 2009

that’s awful… i wonder what makes people decide to post things like that… being publicly available as bloggers are puts us in a vulnerable spot and we just have to let things like that roll of our backs.

8. Toni - November 20, 2009

My oh my, tha’t just ridiculous. How someone who produces that kind of clap trap thinks they’re in any position to judge another human being just amazes me.

Also, I’m TOTALLY stealing “ye dig” as my own personal catchphrase now.

Great attitude from you though 🙂 Don’t let the illiterate, oddly olde-worlde nastiness bother you – and right there, is a phrase I never thought I’d write.

9. Diana - November 23, 2009

Some people have no class (and no life). Sorry you got such nasty comments.

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