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A Bad Week For Pets November 22, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Depression, Family, Life, Chatter & Politics.
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This week has been an incredibly bad one for pets. For those of you know don’t read this blog very often, or who perhaps are new, Ben and I own 4 rats, who we love very much. They are the brightest, most intelligent yet clumsy creatures ever known to man, and the are in no way stinky or scary. In fact, they have so many funny little mannerisms and such distinct personalities that how anyone could look at them and be scared rather than amused seems absurd!

Storm was the first of the four, a blue-grey princess with big ears on the side of her head and a lot of brains, She is the matriarch of the group, can kung-fu kick if cornered, and is the one everyone looks at and goes “wow”. She is gorgeous.

Buffy was the next introduction. A little rescue rat-kitten from down in Oxford, there is no pedigree here. instead, we have a loving girl who enjoys snuggling in blankets, isn’t bothered by food, and who is unfortunately allergic to those little mites that every animal (and human!) normally has but doesn’t notice. She itches all the time, poor thing.

Muffin was the third rat. Technically a pedigree  “Siamese rex”, this beauty has curly hair and whiskers, and really big hips. She loves to show her affection by licking you whenever she can (adorable, by the way!) and by curling up with you. She does, however, get very nervous if anyone touches her head, and runs away to hide.

The final and most recent intro to the group was Hermione. A little hermaphrodite, this gorgeous girl had finally stopped trying to rule the roost and taken instead to being absurdly inquisitive and rather adorable.

On Tuesday, we noticed two of our little ratties were ill. Storm, bless her, had developed a large tumour/growth about the size of her leg, and Hermione was looking terribly ill. Her head had swelled dramatically, and she wasn’t energetic enough to move. We rushed them to the vets, where Hermione was declared a little anaemic but fine, and we were told that it would cost from £60-£180 to find out what Storms lump was, and remove it.

Unfortunately, the next day Hermione died. We found her upside down in the corner of the cage, where the other rats had actually buried her. It was horrible. Storm is OK, still perky and energetic, but for now we can’t afford to have anything done. We are just desperately hoping nothing happens to her. On the same day, Ben’s cat from home had to be put down, which was incredibly sad on its own.

It hasn’t been a good week for pets. I feel so sorry for the other rats left without their friend. It is horrible.



1. Selina - November 22, 2009

My heartfelt sympathies – we have lots of animals including rats (and dogs and cats and rabbits and guinea pigs and mice). You are so right about what fabulous pets rats are, they are so intelligent and entertaining.

Sending hugs across the blogosphere.

2. Roisin - November 23, 2009


I’m so sorry to hear about your poor little rats. Losing a loved pet is so hard – especially because sometimes you feel like you shouldn’t be grieving as much as you are. I hope you’re feeling okay and that the rest of the ratties will be okay as well – they are sensitive little people, but very resilient! x

3. Inness - November 23, 2009

I’m so sorry for your loss. I recently lost two guinea pigs in a row and it still hurts like hell. I know it’s awful to have hope and then lose a loved pet so suddenly. Rats are great–they are lovely, bright critters–and I hope your remaining three stay in good health. Good luck to Storm!

4. ElementalGrace - November 24, 2009

So sorry to hear about the loss of your pet. It’s a really horrible experience to have to go through. The dogs and I have our fingers and paws crossed for Storm, hope she pulls through x

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