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More Wish List! November 27, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Present lists....
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Sorry about this everyone! I seem to spend most of my life taking about things I wish I owned, which is probably due to the fact that I am currently completely and utterly broke. Having changed jobs from one company who pay in advance to one who pay at the end of the month, it has been about 8 weeks since I was last paid – and it is bloody painful, let me tell ye! I am also owed money by a freelance client, who despite frequent chasing, imploring and practically begging, still seems to be determined to delay paying me as long as possible.

If  When they do pay me, however, I may just treat myself. I know no one thinks that my wardrobe is short on anything, but there a few things I am really missing. Smart structured clothes are one of those things, and something I am trying to force myself to spend a little more money on so that they last for far long. I want posh jackets that can go with any outfit, a warm coat and a little black dress – as I currently have none! I probably can’t justify any more shoes, however, so I will just have to survive!

I want two jackets from Warehouse that are completely beyond my price range – but you wouldn’t believe how wonderful they are. How I wish Warehouse would ask me to review them for them in exchange for free goods! *hint hint*

The first is this formal yet elegant grey jacket – a sport on perfect fit as a size 8, believe it or not!!

Warehouse Origami Jacket

Warehouse Origami Jacket

Next is (I think) this draped black jacket. If this is the one I tried on last night at House of Fraser, then this ties from inside the jacket, making the back perfectly fitted and front beautifully draped. They only seem to have it in leather online, however, very odd!

Draped Warehouse Jacket (mine was black fabric...)

 Which do people prefer? Let me know, and they will be the one I treat myself too (unless I change my mind…)



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