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Scaring Myself Silly! Paranormal Activity December 9, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Media, TV & Film.
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Clip from Paranormal Activity, the film

Clip from Paranormal Activity, the film

After a failed attempt to go and see Paranormal Activity last week (it was booked up hours in advance, thanks to Orange Wednesdays!), some of the girls from my old workplace and I are braving the fear again to head to the cinema tonight. Last time, having been told we couldn’t see the film, we headed off to Cafe Rouge instead for a highly decadent meal that consisted entirely of dessert. Somehow, just somehow, I feel that the film tonight may be a little less pleasurable than scoffing my face full of fluffy crepe with banana, chocolate and ice-cream!

That said, I do get a certain pleasure in scaring myself silly. Dependant on my mood I am either largely unaffected by a scary flick, or utterly crippled. I was doing fine through The Grudge recently until I got absolutely terrified by the shadows. Yes, you heard that right, the shadows. I swear, as soon as the creepy dark started sliding down the creepy hallway, I was curled in a corner, rocking back and forth. But even considering my apparent cowardice, my body enjoys the rarity of being chock full of adrenaline, of jumping and feeling scared and generally being very paranoid and very silly. I come home feeling both skittish and keyed up, a combination of emotions the result of which I don’t particularly envy Ben having to deal with!

OK, I have talked myself around to the idea of being scared…. bring on the ghosties!


1. Retro Chick - December 10, 2009

Was it any good? I’ve been wondering about seeing it?

Lauren Cooke - December 10, 2009

It was great!!! I really enjoyed it and was terrified by it at the same time!!

2. 39th & Broadway - December 10, 2009

ha, ha! This movie scared the crap out of me, I admit it.

But what was so odd, is that in theatre I was more entertained and thought it was a decent movie but not all that terrifying. However, when I got home and went to bed, well, that was a different story. I didn’t get a good night’s sleep for over a week!

Lauren Cooke - December 10, 2009

That happened to another friend of mine – but I must admit I was terrified in the cinema, but by the time I got home I wasn’t scared! Great film though!

3. Thoroughly Scared: Paranormal Activity « A Typical Atypical - December 17, 2009

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4. Melanie - January 2, 2010

haha, I really enjoyed reading that someone else gets as scared as I am. I remember trying to watch The Village at home by myself once..I couldn’t even get through the opening credits before I turned it off! The intro music creeped me out..

5. dani french - March 25, 2010

my brother got a copy and we watch it and was scared to hell but really is it really true and one more thing is that story really real cause i want to know, and another thing i always look at the door just to see if there is a shadow and when is it going to be on youtube cause i want to show my friend.

6. dani french - March 25, 2010

well i didnt get to sleep over a mouth

7. Katriana - March 25, 2010

its not real!!!

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