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Buyers Remorse December 15, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Advice, Depression, Fashion.
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There is nothing worse than buying something that you have always wanted, or have accidently fallen madly in love with, and then realising that it completely and utterly doesn’t live up to expectations. Sure you can sell it on again if it doesn’t fit – but the magic of the moment of ripping it out of the packaging is completely dead and gone.

It happened to me today. I ordered the most lovely looking pair of brown suede Irregular choice winter boots, with a cute fleecy top, strap up foldover and sensible low heel that I could actually wear when the temperature plummets. They arrived, I dragged off the cute pink tissue papers, forced my feet into them, et voila! Clown feet! I am not exaggerating people – this was a serious case of the wide and longs for my little Tootsies.

Irregular Choice Winter Boots

Irregular Choice Winter Boots

I was going to put an uplifting list at around about this point of the blog. Something that explained that these situations can be avoided, that spending some quality time with the internet and researching each and every purchase can mean you will never have to experience the deep dark sorrows of buyers remorse. Then, however, I realised that it was all bollocks. Completely made up. That sometimes, you can spend four years preparing for a purchase, putting together neat and efficient pros and cons lists using your recent excel training, quizzing your friends and comparing colour swatches with your room to make sure it doesn’t clash. You can do all of this, and what you ordered can arrive – and it can be completely utterly wrong.

Sometimes it is on their end, they have simply missold it or listed it wrong. Other time, unfortunately enough, you have been a right lummox and bought something you should never have bought, no matter how clever you tried to be about it.

So here is the real point of this blog – to make you realise that you are not alone. That mistakes happen, things sometimes just won’t fit, that this is a just a dark dark day and the future will get brighter, and other such uplifting merry bullshit. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and recover – so those shoes didn’t fit? Sell them, send them back, buy another pair. Buy 10 other pairs, in the hope that the factory will produce one that comes up small at just the right place. Do something and fix it – or cry, eat ice cream, and deny it ever happened. Either one is fine with me, and a great way to deal with the challenge that is buyers remorse!



1. Grethic - December 15, 2009

Ohh we’ve all done it. As a youngster I saved a whole year’s worth of pocket money to buy a necklace the next year when we went on holiday. However, a year later and more grown up I realised the magnificent jewel was actually pink plastic. Not sure what I did with the money, probably blew it on prawn sandwiches.

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4. Serena from Style on a String - December 18, 2009

Nothing frustrates me more than something not fitting right

It’s why I now have to try everything on before buying it, and I avoid online purchases unless they don’t need to fit (necklaces, purses)…

And I have to ask what the return policy is!!!

5. Kristen - December 18, 2009

I never buy without trying on and this should avoid buyers remorse, but it still happens from time to time.

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7. M - December 18, 2009

for me normally is un-buyers remorse, i like to browse and then go back for what i really truly luved (otherwise i’ll have tons of blah things in my closet that were bought out of impulse) and then when i go to the store whatever i wanted was gone or the color no longer available or other similar craptastic ocurrance

8. Joyce - December 18, 2009

I bought a kids clear vinyl backpack which is meant to organize and hold a kid’s matchbox trucks so they can be carried on the go. I was 40+…go figure…I thought it would be a great conversation starter.

Usually if I can’t return (I do the majority of my shopping at fleas, estate sales, etc), I put it aside and when I revisit it, I can usually find either a use for it (the backpack looks great as hanging kitsch art) or I donate to someone who probably needs whatever it is much more than I do.

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10. Retro Chick - December 19, 2009

Oh, I hate it when that happens, that’s why I’m so scared to buy anything expensive online.

I have the fear!

11. Prêt-à-Porter P - December 20, 2009

i check return policies when i buy something online. and when it comes to ebay, i wont buy something pricey, esp. if it’s shipping from overseas if im unsure of quality or sizing.

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16. stylesparkler - January 8, 2010

Oh sooooo true. It happened to me just today – brand new Christian Louboutins in a style I’ve never had the chance to try on and they are at least a size to small….opening them the second time is no where near as exciting.

Lauren Cooke - January 8, 2010

Hi Stylesparker. Sooooo painful – although at least you managed to get a pair that fit second time round!

17. Lilyhippo - January 27, 2010

Clothes are quite difficult to buy online. Perhaps clothing shops should start using virtual fitting rooms with sophisticated web cameras.

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