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Thoroughly Scared: Paranormal Activity December 17, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Media, TV & Film.
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Long overdue, I thought the time had come for an update on the terrifying horror that is… Paranormal Activity.

Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity

I went to see this last week with a group of girlfriends from where I used to work. Following a discussion about how many of us enjoy horror movies, we decided on a whim to go and see the film that all the critics have been talking about, Paranormal Activity. Given our apparent greed for all things horror and even gore, we were sure that we would love a film that was being touted as “The scariest film of the decade”. Despite winding outselves up and up about it, discussing the titbits of storyline we had picked up on, even telling our own ghost stories, I don’t think any of us had quite realised just how scary this film was likely to be.

We met on the night, all wound up and excited about getting scared. I must admit that we went into that film wanting to be scared, giggly and borderline hysterical. That said, as soon as we sat down in the crowded auditorium it became clear that we weren’t the only ones who were a little bit het up about what was to come. Dare I say it, there was a fission in the air!

Well. What can I say. The film was not only cleverly made, realistic and totally believable (kudos to the couple by the way, who were endearing, grumpy, makeup free and just like most couples out there!), but bloody terrifying. I don’t mean just a little bit scary jump-once-or-twice kind of scary – I mean properly bloodcurdling, frightening enough to have most of the audience screaming, jumping and gasping, and me and my girls freaking out! It was made worse by the fact that the fear factor built up so quickly, in the dark, just waiting for the next event, and that the nasty stuff happened in the day by the end as well. I have never ever been in a film like it – and I have seen some horrors in my time! Men and women were falling of their seat, and you could feel the reverberations of shock every time something creepy happened.

My adrenaline was well and truly pumping when I left – yet I have to say that I LOVED it, completely and utterly! Terrifying and oh-so-simply wonderful.




1. Jeanette Bollinger - January 10, 2010

I just watched this movie for the first time…I kind of wish I had watched it in the theater because then I could have left the fear behind a little, lol! But no, I watched it at home from between my tightly clenched fingers, close to tears the whole time!!! I haven’t been so scared since I saw the Exorcist for the first time when I was 11 (and then I had nightmares for WEEKS)!! I loved how there were no major special fx and how truly real the characters were! Really an amazing movie…and now I am going to go to bed and undoubtedly not sleep a wink!!!!

Lauren Cooke - January 11, 2010

Isn’t it terrifying, Jeanette?! I hope you survived the night and managed to get a bit of sleep! Poor thing!

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