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Dream Diaries | Bring on the Vampires December 23, 2009

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Dreams, Wordy Business.
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I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but I have fabulous dreams. Sometimes they are scary, often they are dark, but they are always weird brilliantly entertaining. Having had some excellent dreams that I think should one day be turned into stories, I thought perhaps the time had come to share some of my dreams on a semi regular basis. If this is a good idea, let me know – and if it isn’t, tell me so I can stop doing it!

Anyway, recent dreams have focused around, surprise surprise, vampires and zombies – sometimes but not always in the same dream! The plethora of vampire books, television programmes and films has probably not helped, and I have always had a bit of an obsession with zombie films anyway!

What do you think of my most recent Vampire dreams (please remember this comes in at the middle of the story!):

 The night is dark around me as I wake up, staring around the tiny room in which I am trapped. I can just make out the ceiling high above me, and can see a slither of light falling through the window from the street light outside. Opposite me lies another little bed, in which is a girl, my friend, who breathes slowly and steadily.

As I take in my environment I hear a banging noise on the door, harsh and abrasive. Within seconds of the knock it swings open, and two men walk in. Immediately I remember the situation, have flash backs to the Vampires taking over, to the rebellion and the drama that led to me being here. I remember my family dying, trapped in a room and burnt by the flames.

Whilst I squint at the light a Vampire grabs me, pulls me up, slaps me lightly across the face. I look at him with resentment, but not hate – that I save for his companions. Where he is light-haired, pale and thin, his companions are dark and serious, with dull brown eyes and broad shoulders. Dangerous in comparison. The young one, who I now know is my owner, seems quieter, calmer, and has a look in his cold eyes that isn’t entirely cruel.

Eventually, having been manhandled and thrown around the room, his accompanying vampires left the room, leaving me and my friend alone with the strange blond-haired man. You could see at a glance that he wasn’t human – his skin was deathly white and the hint of fangs could be seen beneath his lips. I know, somehow, that I and the girl are his, belongings traded between vampires for food and favours. whilst disgusted, I can see that he is not cruel, that he does this only because he has to. I would much rather that it were that way around than for him to take pleasure in the horrors he had delivered upon me and my roommate.

Alone again later, I finally get my first chance of the day to speak to the girl. We exchange our daily pleasantries, a routine from our old lives that we cling to, reluctant to let them go in case our humanity goes with them. Then I see a look cross her face, a dark look full of menace, and she begins on the plan. We will leave, sneak out of the window, take the first chance available to climb down the sheds outside and escape into the distance. Whilst I am not sure of the sense of this – outside it a burning littered hell, full of the dark forms of vampire sliding between shadows – I get the sense that decision was a long time coming – this girl will never be used again.

Whilst I didn’t agree, I ended up not having much choice. When our vampire returned in the evening, teeth bared and hungry, I proffered myself to him, offering up my raw neck once again for his pleasures. Just as I felt the tips of his teeth caressing my jugular, something happened. Bloody poured down the front of me – the girl had stabbed him with a long and unusual silver knife and watched as he died on the floor.

There was no looking back. What had been done had been done and we had no chance of redemption. Our only hope of escape was to run, to climb, and so that is what we did. She boosted me through the window, and I turned to pull her out. As we stood outside we surveyed the landscape, getting our bearings for the challenge that was just about to begin. To our left was a  small town, on the outskirts of which our building was stood. I could see buildings burning nearer the centre, and imagine pockets of survivors and rebels hiding out, fighting for our cause. More powerful than my imaginings, however, were the things I could see before my very eyes. The vampires in clusters, some with eyes deep red and terrifying, glowing in the night. The sheer quantity of them, organised and calculated. Even worse, they were by no means feral or wild, and fact which simply made them all the more terrifying to us. 

With a glance at each other, and without a plan, we began our descent. 

And that is the end of part 1. What do you think? Do you want to see a bit more along these lines?



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