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Icy Days and Resolutions January 2, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Life, Chatter & Politics, Photos.
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Icy River in Devon
That lovely icy stream
Icy River in Devon

Icy River in Devon

We went for a wonderful walk in the Devon countryside this week, and took some lovely photos of a cute little stream coated with ice. The shapes the ice contorted itself into around the stems an leaves of the frosty foliage were spectacular, sliding into long crystalline drops, smooth chunky fingers, delicate spindling icicles. It was gorgeous!

Anyway, onto my humble little resolutions:

  • To consider upgrading my blog – and going fancy and self-hosted!
  • To spend more time having fun and less time being boring!
  • To head down to at least one of Fleur de Guerre’s lovely “The Fox Presents” events!
  • To write some stories, and do some writing lessons
  • To pass my Marketing qualification 🙂 

Oh, and of course, to get fit. I need to remember how good it feels to be toned and energetic! But hey, who doesn’t have some element of this in their predictable new years resolutions?



1. ElementalGrace - January 4, 2010

Those photos are fabulous!

Lauren Cooke - January 5, 2010

Thank you my dear!

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