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Abandoning Fashion January 11, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion.
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It is wet. It is cold. In case you haven’t noticed, it is snowy. Interestingly, this snow seems to have affected most of the northern hemisphere, meaning that all around our part of the world everyone struggles from car to building, pushes cars out of ditches, and attempts to look cool whilst standing knee-deep in slush. The result of this weather is that people can’t be bothered to try too hard to look good. Out come the Ugg boots, and away go the fancy heels. Fashion is abandoned, quite rightly, in favour if function, comfort and above all, warmth.

Is it possible, however, to keep up the fashion without freezing off various extremities? How do people manage to keep up that effortless cool (no pun intended!) when temperatures are sub-zero and the dampness is encroaching?

 The people that I have noticed being stylish seem to have a number of simple things in common – and they always look incredibly cool!

Gorgeous Chunky Jumper

 (Image from here)

Firstly, jumpers. Smart structured and stylish jumpers work brilliantly, as they keep us fashionable whilst also keeping us warm. Large collars, long sleeves and a tailored midriff ensure a healthy meeting of looks and feel. Of course, one of those silly jumpers that looks warm but actually lets any breath of wind whistle through is a complete mistake, and may result in the loss of limbs to frostbite!

Chocolate Wellies!

Next, boots. I wear cat boots and always feel fashionable, but I suspect that may be a personal thing. One failsafe, however, is a pair of wellies, wool lined if possible. They have more grip that Uggs and are obviously more waterproof, as well as looking far far cooler! The range of wellies available is huge too, meaning that anyone can have fun and find their perfect fashionable design.

Laura Ashley Riding Coat

Laura Ashley Riding Coat

The final ingredient, it seems, to fabulous snow-friendly dressing is the coats. A long, thick, cosy coat with great structure and some cute features will instantly hide anything at all that you are wearing underneath! You can go out dressed in four pairs of pyjamas and a sheepskin and still look wonderful! Which, surely, is fashion through and through!

So it would seem that you don’t have to abandon fashion – although sometimes having an excuse to dress down is quite enjoyable!


1. Roisin - January 11, 2010

I have great wellies and a very cosy coat but I think I always look a little bit bundled up in the cold weather – I have never quite mastered the art of stylish layering! I’m wearing lots of layers today but I couldn’t call them artfully put together! I do love my wellies and this morning my feet were lovely and warm on my long commute but I’m looking forward to the thaw – my brother bought me a lovely pair of shoes for Christmas and I have just bought two gorgeous pairs of Irregular Choice heels – I want to be able to wear them outside of the house!

Lauren Cooke - January 11, 2010

Hi Roisin – I don’t have any wellies 😦 Need ot remedy that! And yup, the thaw would be much appreciated – either that or it needs to get colder – I can’t stand this slushy in-betweeny weather! Ooh, Irregular Choice. I love them. Show me which ones you have bought! I have a lovely pair of boots I got for Christmas – but they are suede so I can’t wear them either! x

Roisin - January 11, 2010

My wellies were about £4 from Shoe Zone or similar in Dover and well worth every penny and more, but I really do want to wear my new shoes! I bought these ones:
http://tinyurl.com/ya68cv2 and these ones: http://tinyurl.com/ycv663b and these are the ones my brother bought me:
http://tinyurl.com/yanffx6 and I haven’t been able to wear any of them yet! (well, the blue and red IC shoes haven’t arrived yet but they will soon) All of that said, I am enjoying the snow a lot, and the shoes will keep I suppose! What are your boots like? x

Lauren Cooke - January 11, 2010

Lovely! And the red ones were a bargain!

Mine are the black knee high boots that I sold at uni and could never find again – these ones: https://mysterycreature.wordpress.com/2008/07/17/my-desperate-search-help/


Roisin Muldoon - January 11, 2010

They are gorgeous, they look really luxurious! I am very pleased with the red shoes too, especially as they were such a bargain! Someone had listed them in black on eBay and I held off bidding, but I like the red ones better anyway. And it looks like there might be a thaw soon, so maybe I can debut one of my new pairs on Wednesday night! (that is ridiculously wishful thinking, but never mind!)

2. dressingmyself - January 11, 2010

My website colleague and I travelled up to London on Saturday. At every station where we changed trains we entertained ourselves by analysing what women were wearing.
Some seemed quite underdressed for the weather. Others just looked like round little bundles.
But the ones that looked good had structured coats and tall (but flat soled) boots.

Lauren Cooke - January 11, 2010

Hi. I agree, many people (myself included) look strange in this weather – our wardrobes can’t quite cope! The coats really make the difference, however, so I am concentrating on fixing my floor length red coat so I can wear that!

3. Selina - January 12, 2010

Chocolate Gumboots! I need chocolate gumboots and it’s not ever winter here!

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