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A New Obsession | Fever Clothing January 14, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion, Inspiration.
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I have fallen in love again. With, you guessed it, more clothing. Roisin introduced me to this brand just yesterday, I popped online to have a look, and frankly am surprised that I actually have any money left in my bank account. Having refrained from buying everything my mouse could reach, I thought I would instead share their wonderousness with you guys, and try and tempt you onto the darkside on my behalf. Please do! 

Art Deco Fever Skirt

Art Deco Fever Skirt


 First, this skirt. Art deco, gorgeous colours, great streamlined shape, and currently £13.50 in the sale. And the one below,  with funky black velvet strips and an eternal elegance, going for a wonderful £16.50! 

The C

The Christiana White Fever Skirt


 And some dresses – the two below are cheap, stunning and wonderful! I love the shape (flattering on most bodies(, the price, and the design – the sailor one is delightfully kitsch, whilst the angel fish lets you express creativity in a quirky way. 

Black Sailor Pinafore Dress, Fever


Angel fish print Halterneck Dress, Fever


They even have wonderful tops – like this hot red ruffled top that I reckon I could maybe actually wear, and the more surreal but beautiful Japan top, that is all floaty and feminine. 

Flamenco Ruffled Top, Fever

Japan Floaty Top, Fever


1. Roisin - January 14, 2010

Oh Lauren, this is it. You’re going to be as poor as I am now! I have the dress version of the Christina skirt and it is so beautifully made – it’s really luxurious thick cotton and velvet, and I bought it in the sale as well! I also bought the sailor pinafore in the sale – I love their dresses!

2. Roisin - January 14, 2010

Oh, and did you buy anything?!

3. Selina - January 14, 2010

Nooooooooooooooooo – what are you trying to do to me? I think I need to get The Eccentric English Boyfriend to lock my credit card away!

4. Lauren Cooke - January 14, 2010

Roisin – No I didn’t, I was very good. That said, the fantasy shopping baskets are building up and I doubt I will be able to resist for much longer! You soooo should not have introduced me to this, lol! x

Selina – I am sorry… yet kind of glad I am not the only person being flawed by the designs! Credit card confiscation has to be a good thing at this point, I may well follow your lead!

5. Roisin Muldoon - January 14, 2010

You are good! Well maybe one time we’ll go to the Fever shop together. I get 25% discount off all full price current season stock, which is good (but bad as well!) and in the meantime, you’re very welcome to have a look at what I have (which is a considerable amount!) with a view to borrowing 🙂

Lauren Cooke - January 14, 2010

How did you wangle that one, you crafty devil?! x

Roisin - January 15, 2010

Ah you see, they have this thing called the 250 club where, if you spend £150 or more in a single transaction in their store, you get 25% off for the rest of the year. This is actually my second year of it, which should give you an inkling of how many Fever dresses I have in my wardrobe! (And I have three Fever coats, but one of them was bought from eBay!) Apparently I can use it online as well but have never tried, anyway the shop is close to where I work when in London so it’s all good!

Selina - January 15, 2010

Roisin why would you tell us that? Now we want to spend even more money just to get the discount. Eep!

Soooooo … I’ll have one of them, one of them, two of them (in different colours), that, and oooh definitely that …

6. anthea - January 15, 2010

Love all these skirts! Sooooo cute!

7. Kate - January 15, 2010

I love the Art Deco one. Very pretty. I need some new skirts!

8. Shybiker - January 15, 2010

Those skirts are adorable! Thanks for sharing.

9. Roisin Muldoon - January 15, 2010

Selina, it has been my downfall on a few occasions but, you know, life is short. You might as well be well dressed and happy, is what I think!

Selina - January 16, 2010

Roisin you are a girl after my own heart! My motto is: Life is short, wear stilettoes.

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