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Argh… The Zombies… January 15, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Life, Chatter & Politics, Media, TV & Film, Wordy Business.
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I did something bad today. Nope, I did not, as the blog title perhaps suggest, spawn an army of zombies. Of evil ninja zombies with a penchant for human flesh. Nope. But I did, however, write about them.

My mother will no doubt be embarrassed when she reads this. But perhaps that is because my mother has been doing a course of natural disasters, and has developed a strange fear that the world is going to bring her to an untimely end. After all, she keeps repeating, it is just so dangerous out there! That said, she may well be embarrassed that I have told the world about her illogical fear that she tries so hard to hide. But never mind!

Anyway, my love of all things zombie, vampire, disaster and apocalypse on the cinema screen has left me with a little bit of a survivalist bent, one which I try to hide for fear of being mocked. Or for fear of ending up in a cave. Living off beans. But then I went and let it all out in one ill-advised article, and I can’t decide if this has alleviated some survivalist pressure, or made me even madder than before.

If you want to, you can read all about it here!

What do you think? Am I insane?



1. annie - January 16, 2010

You cruel harsh child now the world knows I have survivalist tendencies, or does it. I thought I’d let people know that I’ve been studying volcanoes earthquakes, tsunamis and the like which does make one very aware of the power of nature and yes i now know what to do should one of these events occur in Devon and maybe I have a few too many jars of pulses in the cupboard and yes my stash of coal will see me through the next ice age.

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