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A Pain in the Neck January 20, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Life, Chatter & Politics, Rants.
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Ouch. I am in pain. Quite serious pain actually, believe it or not.

For the second time in as many weeks, I have cricked my neck, and I feel lousy for it. I am in work, sat twisted over my keyboard, typing away in the most uncomfortable position ever known to man. Unfortunately (but not unsurprisingly), this is the only position in which I don’t have fiery pain blooming from my neck and crawling over my skull. In fact, the best position is looking down, which is great whilst typing but which makes it very hard to check anything on the screen. I can get away with looking in a self-centred way at my new shoes, but there is only so long I can do this without looking ridiculous. I can feel my head pushing down and down, and somehow suspect that my the end of the day I will be curled like a grumpy hedgehog under my desk. It hurts!

So anyway, I don’t have much passion for writing or working or anything vertically oriented. Unless you are talking about whining, at which I am currently excelling! Bring on the pain killers!

p.s On a side note, has anyone noticed the free wordpress spellcheck has changed? It keeps telling me to replace complex words with simple ones, and to avoid the passive voice. Firstly, this is none of its business, and secondly, I believe my readers are intelligent enough to read words of more than one syllable in length!


1. ElementalGrace - January 20, 2010

Oh Gruesome. Such an irritation you don’t realise how much you use certain parts of your body until suddenly you can’t. Hope it feels better soon.

PS – Spellcheck = grrr!!!!

2. Selina - February 8, 2010

Oh you poor thing, although I did have a giggle at the though of you as a grumpy hedgehog!

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