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Semi-Daily eBay | Stunning Vintage Burberry Trench Coat January 25, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Semi-Daily eBay, Vintage.
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I have been following Burberry coats on eBay for quite a while. This is part necessity – I want and need a nice warm coat that will last – and part curiosity. I don’t particular understand the Burberry brand, you see, and I wanted to see what people would pay lots of money for and if there was indeed anything that made the brand special in my eyes. As it happens, generally I have remained unimpressed. The brand seems largely uninspiring, expensive not for design but mainly just for the sake of being expensive. This is, in my eyes, elitist fashion, and I am happy with high street in comparison for looks and costs.

That said, I love this coat. I think the pattern and colour scheme is unusual enough for it to stand out from a sea of largely khaki trench coats, and with this piece I can see what people love about the Burberry trench. It is just £31, too, which always sweetens the deal!

Burberry Blue Trench Coat


1. Louise - January 27, 2010

My mum bought a Burberry trench coat from a vintage shop in Birmingham and it’s the warmest and smartest looking coat she’s ever had. It was a £25 bargain too… do you know Birmingham? I could tell you where it was!

2. Lauren Cooke - January 27, 2010

Ooh, what a bargain louise! I am actually just down the road in Leamington, so let me know where it was and I will try and check it out!

3. Louise - January 29, 2010

Do you know the custard factory? If you walk from the bullring in the direction of the custard factory you will see on your left a big yellow shop. It’s got a huge glass front and you really can’t miss it, that’s the shop. The custard factory also used to have a vintage sale on a Saturday which was pretty good!

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