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High Street Fashion, Why I love it January 29, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Fashion.
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You all know how much I love my odd and unusual clothes. Fashion is a part of me in the same way that it is a part of anyone who makes a conscious decision about what to wear. Just to cover my back in the aftermath of that “I hate fashion” article, I mean fashion and in clothes, what we like, what looks good, trends and every other way that it could possibly be conceived. For me, fashion is about wearing what fits me and makes me personally feel happy, and I get great pleasure out of my strange combinations and sense of style.

Despite an obsession with eBay (which resulted in the purchase of yet another pair of shoes earlier today, some lovely pink Irregular Choice heels with pink poodles on… oops) and a deep admiration for certain designer pieces that seem to defy possibility, I actually love the highstreet. I don’t like over-priced brand names, but am a huge fan of all things quality (or not quality, to be honest), affordable and beautiful, regardless of where it came from.

Luella dress (left), Matalan dress (right)

 (Image from here)

Yet highstreet fashion gets a hard deal. They get in trouble for copying design items so that us lowly creatures can afford it, and this always a huge point for debate. Whilst I recoil at the direct copying of a piece (like Matalan’s identical rip off of that Luella dress), I feel that inspiration and even interpretations are a way of life in the fashion industry, from the bottom up. Ripoffs are NOT ok, interpretations are fly in my book. They also get called up on quality, despite the fact that they allow anyone the opportunity to experience fashion or find things they like for prices they can afford. There are always going to be things that fall apart, but just the same there are the occasional gems that end up being constantly worn wardrobe staples.


New Look Floral Dress

My favourite shops for unexpected findings are predictable. I love Primark for their tights and occasionally for wonderful Miu Miu inspired dresses. I love Newlook for the occasional perfect and cheap shoe, and some gorgeous tops and floral dresses. I love Topshop sales, because despite their rampant over-pricing and celebrity grabbing they still get the concept and keep marking things down and down (and they make wonderful shoes!). I love M&S for their perfectly fitting underwear. I love House of Fraser and John Lewis for their excellent sales and 20% discounts that bring me happily into the world of more expensive high street brands. I love Dorothy Perkins for their heels and the sublime quality of their tights.

I love them, and nothing can stop me!


1. miamichaela - February 6, 2010

Ooooh, that blue dress…. *dreamy eyes* I WANT IT! And I want winter to be over finally! 🙂

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